John DeVivo

John DeVivo, New President and CEO of AngioDynamics

John Devivo was a renowned businessman who worked in the process equipment industry. He founded his own company, Process Technology Associates, in 1990.

He was a world-renowned sales executive who sold process equipment to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. He has served on the Board of Directors of various process equipment manufacturers.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

John had a long and successful career in the chemical process equipment industry. He held technical, sales and executive positions with process equipment manufacturers which were leaders in their respective fields.

He was a devoted family man who put his family first in everything he did. He enjoyed spending time with his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren as well as entertaining friends.

He was also a very hard working employee at his family-owned seafood business of 70 years, Ocean City Seafood in West Philadelphia. He was loved by all his workers and customers. He will be greatly missed by them all.

Achievements and Honors

Having won the prize for most degrees minted and most degrees of separation awarded, John DeVivo has been around the block quite a few times. A devoted family man and a hard worker at heart, he’s still on the job in the new millennium. A giddy on the occassion, John’s happy hour is something to behold. Besides a sterling work ethic and a knack for recognizing a good time, this man has an equally hunky wife and the patience of a saint.

Personal Life

John DeVivo was a very private person who devoted his life to his family. He also had a variety of interests including music and art.

He was also a very creative person who was always working on something new. He was interested in alternative medicine and designing chemical process equipment.

In addition, he was interested in solar energy and spiritual growth. He was also an avid amateur rocketry enthusiast.

His death was a tragic loss to his loved ones. He was a wonderful father and grandfather who always put his family first.

Net Worth

John devivo is the new president and CEO of AngioDynamics, a company that designs medical devices used in blood flow and vascular treatments. He came to AngioDynamics from Smith & Nephew, a Memphis-based medical device company. He took the job in August and is credited with pushing for more minority-owned firms to bid for contracts. AngioDynamics is based in the Capital Region and has 350 workers, who design and produce medical devices. The company is valued at $125-149 million.

MR Devivo is 52 years old, and he lives in a Residential property. The median home value in his area is $100-149K.

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