John Demaree

John Demaree

John Demaree is the Chief Commercial Officer at Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc. He recently acquired 7,500 units of KPTI stock worth $109,050 on August 26th 2020.

He has extensive industry experience and business acumen. Additionally, he and his family established the Del Demaree Family Fund through AFE to assist young floral industry students gain an advantage in their career pursuits.

Early Life and Education

John Demaree was born and raised in Franklin, Indiana before earning a degree in philosophy from the University of Indianapolis.

While in college, he felt called to serve the church. Upon graduation, he began serving as a missionary in California.

He served numerous United Methodist churches throughout San Diego for over 25 years. Married to Jennifer, he and his family of three children – Joanna, Jonathan and Ryan – enjoy life to the fullest.

He was an inspiring individual with a deep-felt passion for life and the floral industry. His leadership, creativity, and entrepreneurial drive brought innovation to the industry. As a trusted leader, communicator, and fierce competitor he left an indelible mark on it all while serving others with kindness and generosity.

Professional Career

Demaree spent 8 seasons (1912-1919) in the Major Leagues, representing teams like the New York Giants, Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs and Boston Braves. For most of his career he played outfield for these organizations.

His father worked in the newspaper industry as a typesetter and printer, and by 1900 his family had relocated to Chicago.

Demaree earned a 26-26 record and 2.62 ERA during his time in the majors, culminating with five consecutive complete game victories for the Philadelphia Phillies in 1916.

He only had a brief career with the Boston Braves in 1941, appearing in 16 games and hitting only.171. On July 21, 1941, after being released by the Giants on waivers, he was acquired by the Braves on an unclaimed basis.

Achievements and Honors

He is remembered as an innovator in the floral industry who sought creative solutions to supply chain issues. His company, Syndicate Sales, rose to become a leader in manufacturing and distribution of floral products around the globe.

Del was an active member of his community, taking pride in working together for everyone’s benefit. He served on the Kokomo Mayor’s Advisory Council, Kokomo Symphonic Board of Trustees and Indiana University’s board of advisors.

He was also a founding member of the Heartland Singers, a private professional chorus consisting of 36 Wisconsin and Iowa members that worked together from 2002-2012. Additionally, he served as clinician and adjudicator in the Midwest region and presented at numerous conferences. Furthermore, he served as past president of both North Central Division of American Choral Directors Association and Wisconsin Choral Directors Association.

Personal Life

John Demaree was a man of many talents and an ardent philanthropist. He had an infectious love for people, always striving to find ways to make them feel valued and appreciated.

Throughout his life, he took great pride in his family and dedicated himself to seeing them succeed.

He was an adoring husband, father, and grandfather. He had a delightful sense of humor and an infectious kindness.

He enjoyed traveling, golfing and playing the piano. Most importantly, he loved spending time with his friends. An active member in his community and leader in several organizations such as Kokomo Mayor’s Advisory Council and Kokomo Symphonic Board of Trustees; furthermore he was a proud alumni of Indiana University.

Net Worth

John Demaree has an estimated net worth of $47,730 dollars, which has increased significantly in recent years. His experience in the financial industry has given him a deep-seated knowledge of investing and managing money; his specialty lies in helping high net worth clients accumulate, manage and transfer their wealth. His clients range from celebrities to business leaders – John has many notable clients!

He enjoys spending quality time with his wife Olga, son John Wyatt (JW), and German Shepherd Bella. Additionally, he is an avid outdoor adventurer who enjoys fishing, golfing and surfing. A member of Marina del Rey Anglers for many years, he volunteers with the Ocean Resources Enhancement and Hatchery Program as well.

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