John Delorimier

John Delorimier

John delorimier is an Executive Vice President and Chief Sales & Marketing Officer for Concentra. In this role, he oversees all company sales, marketing, product development, and customer support teams.

Working in an ever-evolving industry necessitates constantly considering new ideas and approaches to solving issues that may arise. John finds this aspect of his job rewarding.

Early Life and Education

Through history, there have been many influential men and women who have contributed to shaping early childhood education. Jean Rousseau in particular is widely credited with emphasizing child-centered learning.

Another influential figure is Friedrich Froebel, who advocated for children to learn through play rather than traditional classroom methods. This approach remains popular today in classrooms worldwide.

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) encompasses a range of part-day, full-school-day, and workday programs run under educational, social welfare, and commercial auspices; funded and delivered in both public and private sectors with an emphasis on either “care” component of ECEC or both simultaneously.

Professional Career

John Delorimier has had a distinguished professional career, holding various leadership roles within the business world. Most recently, he served as Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Concentra, an established cloud services provider. Furthermore, John is part of their executive committee.

He is renowned for his creative thinking in providing solutions that address the difficulties faced by enterprise organizations. With more than 13 years of experience in sales, marketing, product development and customer service – he’s an industry expert when it comes to aligning a company’s sales, marketing and product strategy with execution. Furthermore, his achievements in data analytics and big data have been recognized. A graduate of Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in computer science under his belt, he continues to innovate within these fields today.

Achievements and Honors

John de Lorimier achieved many notable things during his long life. He was part of the first Embodied Indian Warriors and fought as both Patriote and Frere chasseur for Lower Canada’s independence (present-day Quebec).

He played an integral role in Lord Selkirk’s epic expedition to capture North West Company’s Fort William in August 1816. Additionally, a group of Metis interpreters were present during the signing of a treaty between Selkirk and five Cree and Saulteaux chiefs in July 1817.

One year after Selkirk’s victory, Lorimier was summoned by the British to aid in their war against American invaders along the Niagara frontier. With 300 Haudenosaunee warriors from Kanehsata:ke and Ahkwesasne, he joined an alliance of 100 Mohawk Warriors from Six Nations Grand River area who would play a significant role in defeating Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Boerstler’s expedition near Beaver Dams (Thorold) on 24 June 2012.

Personal Life

John deLorimier is an industry expert in aligning brand, marketing and sales strategy. He serves as Executive Vice President for Customer Growth & Experience at Concentra.

He oversees our sales, marketing, product development and customer support teams as well as various internal enterprise activities that impact the customer experience. Since joining Concentra in 2005, he has spearheaded several significant initiatives and product launches.

He has been a consultant for many years, providing Fortune 500 companies with advice on sales effectiveness, marketing and channel management, change management, knowledge management, and learning management. He holds bachelor and master degrees from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (known as Virginia Tech) respectively.

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