John Delling

John Delling, a Boise College Professor and a Philanthropist

John Delling is a convicted killer serving a life sentence in Idaho. He has been connected to the deaths of two university students.

He admitted to killing Boise State student Bradley Morse and University of Idaho senior David Boss during a 2007 road trip. According to the AP, however, the Supreme Court will not hear Delling’s appeal.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood is a critical period in developing healthy, lifelong learners. They lay the groundwork for educational success, economic productivity, responsible citizenship, lifelong health, strong communities and successful parenting.

Children who receive quality early childhood education typically develop their cognitive and social skills more rapidly than their peers who don’t participate in ECE programs. Furthermore, these children tend to have a positive school experience, are less likely to repeat a grade, and are much more likely to graduate high school on time.

Early childhood educators must ensure their students receive an environment with small class sizes, ample teacher interaction and developmentally appropriate teaching and learning activities. These factors can help children build essential emotional skills such as self-assurance, self-regulation, self-expression and self-respect – essential for later academic success and healthy risk taking.

Professional Career

John Delling spent 20 years in the business, making and losing many friends along the way. One memorable acquaintance was David Boss from University of Idaho who would become his lifelong friend during a school trip. They connected over their love of video games and golf – something which only came naturally as they got older. With each passing year they formed an ever-closer competitive bond.

Boss and Jennifer eventually became more than friends, staying in the same Idaho town where they met and grew up. Aside from having a shared passion for golf, they also share an affinity for exploring nature – leading them on numerous adventures both to success and misadventures alike.

Achievements and Honors

As an assistant professor at the University of Idaho, Delling spearheaded a state-of-the-art Maternal and Child Health Center and co-authored its Nurse Midwifery Program that still operates today. Beyond his academic accomplishments, Delling was also an exemplary family man and philanthropist whose legacy will live on in perpetuity; one such contribution being the naming of a new hospital in downtown Boise that houses the University’s first medical center dedicated solely to women’s healthcare.

Personal Life

Police revealed Wednesday that the Boise man who murdered two Idaho college students and wounded another during a multistate crime spree in 2007 had a long history of mental illness. He suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and became increasingly erratic before the shootings.

Delling, 26, was suffering from a severe psychotic episode when he committed the killings. He believed the victims were draining his energy and used their deaths to fuel his delusions.

Raney noted that in the months prior to his murders, Delling traveled 6,500 miles across six states – California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Arizona and Nevada. Investigators are trying to ascertain why he chose to make such a lengthy journey.

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