John Dabrowski

John Dabrowski

John dabrowski is a global keynote speaker and mind coach with over thirty years experience in business. He combines this vast experience with an impressive ability to make personal growth simple.

He is a qualified NLP coach and translates theories to practical takeaways in his keynotes. He uses a combination of visualisation and inner voice techniques to create the future people want.

Early Life and Education

john dabrowski is an award-winning global speaker whose credentials include a lifetime of experience in the business arena. He is also a qualified NLP coach and has the knack for translating the latest research into actionable tips and tricks. He is known for his energetic, engaging and thought-provoking presentations. He has a large client base that includes many of the world’s best and brightest brands.

The most important part of John’s professional and personal lives is his wife Rebecca, who is an excellent support system. They are the proud parents of four children: Julie (Leo) Cusson, Patrick, Joseph and Johnna Brenneis Ward. Eleven special grandchildren also make their mark on the Dabrowski household. The family lives in Dover, NH where they enjoy the finer things in life and the outdoors.

Professional Career

John Dabrowski is a keynote speaker, motivational speaker, mind coach and resilience expert who has a wealth of experience across a variety of sectors in the business and sporting world. He has played basketball as a professional and for England in the Commonwealth Games and still holds the British record for most points scored in one match at 98 points.

As a speaker, John is charismatic and contagious with a passion to share his insights. He equips audiences with the tools and secrets to develop their businesses, their own management skills and achieve immediate success and growth in their professional lives.

He has a particular gift in teaching visualisation and inner voice techniques which access the subconscious to help create the future people really want. He has personally used these techniques to great effect in both his sporting and business career.

Achievements and Honors

John is a successful businessman, a former professional basketball player and author of a number of books on mental resilience. His keynotes focus on his own experiences, achievements and the psychological and practical aspects of achieving world class mental strength.

Throughout his life, he has used mental resilience to achieve many milestones. This has helped him become one of the first British professional players and now a renowned ex-player, book author and keynote speaker.

He is a Mental Resilience expert who runs workshops and one to one coaching sessions across the country, with a particular emphasis on sales and team building. His energy and enthusiasm are infectious and he can inspire an audience of any size.

Personal Life

John Dabrowski is a motivational speaker and resilience expert who helps people develop world class Mental Resilience. He has a unique gift in teaching Visualisation and Inner Voice techniques that access the subconscious to help you create the future that you want.

His keynotes and workshops are designed to inspire audiences and transform their mental ability to deal with change. He has a wealth of experience in business and is highly qualified in NLP coaching.

His passion for Mental Resilience has helped him overcome many challenges in his life. He has a contagious energy and enthusiasm that can easily enthrall an audience.

Net Worth

John Dabrowski is a global speaker who uses Mental Resilience techniques to inspire and educate audiences on the skills they need to thrive in business, leadership, and life. He has a contagious energy that inspires and lights up a room, making his keynotes, seminars, and masterclasses a hit with attendees.

John has been an executive for over 30 years, serving as a chief financial officer and chief operating officer in both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. He is also a qualified NLP coach, which allows him to translate theories into practical takeaways for his audiences. In addition to his wealth of business experience, John has also gained a tremendous amount of knowledge on how to be mentally resilient and successful in life through his own personal experiences.

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