John Ceilley

John Ceilley – A Compassionate Doctor

John Ceilley’s family has had a longstanding connection to the University of Iowa. John’s father Roger is a dermatologist who has been employed at the university since 1984.

Last year, He and his wife Kimberly, BN’84 made a generous donation to transform Harvey Ingham Hall for the BCMB program. Through this gift, students will have an opportunity to learn and engage with science more deeply.

Early Life and Education

John was raised in Iowa City and graduated from Valley High School. Afterward, he earned his medical degree from the University of Iowa with honors, then completed his residency in psychiatry and geriatric psychiatry at The University of Pittsburgh.

Through out his life, John always made it a point to help those in need, particularly those suffering from depression or addiction. He provided support through local clinics and hospitals as well as working in jail systems where he treated those struggling with alcoholism or drug abuse. John was an incredibly caring man who will be missed by family, friends, and colleagues. Survived by his mother Katherine Ceilley (BN’84); father Dr Roger Ceilley; sister Dr Elizabeth Ceilley; brother Michael Ceilley; and companion Eric Theoret (CN’84).

Professional Career

John Ceilley was a doctor dedicated to treating those in his community who needed extra support. After completing residencies in psychiatry and addiction medicine, his compassion led him to form an impressive practice with Denver Health Medical Center and Regional Clinics. John consistently earned high ratings for bedside manner and patient experience – earning him Compassionate Doctor certification and Patients’ Choice recognition from Healthgrades.

In addition to his professional career, he was deeply invested in his family life. He was an adoring uncle to his nieces and nephews, as well as a passionate animal advocate who recently rescued an abused deaf Doberman Pincer. His favorite place in Frisco was outdoors; it had become one of his favorite hangouts.

Achievements and Honors

John Ceilley was one of the best physicians in his field and well-known for his compassionate manner. He earned Compassionate Doctor certification and Patients’ Choice recognition for his kind treatment of patients, based on patient-reported overall and bedside manner scores, as well as Vitals On-Time + Promptness Award honorees for consistently exceeding patient expectations. For 15 years, John served the Denver community by working at hospitals and clinics; being an adoring uncle to his nieces and nephews as well as taking care of his beloved canine companion, Pincer.

He is survived by his mother Katherine Ceilley, father Dr. Roger Ceilley (Kimberly), sister Dr. Elizabeth Ceilley (Mark Hansen) and brother Michael Ceilley (Lindsay). Additionally, his companion Eric Theoret survives him as well.

Personal Life

John was an amazing husband, father, and grandfather who deeply loved his family. He also served as a doting uncle to his nieces and nephews and had an affinity for animals; rescuing an abused and deaf Doberman Pincer (Baden) which he lovingly nurtured back to health with care.

He was a kind and dedicated physician and psychiatrist who sought to assist those in need, particularly those suffering from PTSD or alcoholism. He enjoyed great respect in his profession as well as being an excellent teacher and mentor to his patients. A board-certified Addiction Medicine specialist with 22 years of healthcare experience, he is currently practicing in Denver, CO where you can read his patient reviews on Healthgrades to get to know him better.

Net Worth

John Ceilley has amassed an impressive net worth, providing his family with a comfortable standard of living. Additionally, he provides for his children and pays substantial alimony to his wife. John Ceilley is also known for being a generous person who has helped those in need throughout his life. Recently, he worked to rescue a deaf and abused Doberman Pincer.

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