John Boomer

John Boomer

John Boomer is an inspiring public and keynote speaker with a unique blend of personal stories about leadership struggles and triumphs. His inspiring talks provide valuable lessons for audiences everywhere.

Leading in war at multiple levels, he applies the lessons learned to “make leaders better.” Additionally, he trains News Media presenters using an effective course of instruction currently used by both the Department of Defense and National Football League.

Early Life and Education

John Boomer was born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska before graduating from the University of Nebraska with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

He was employed at Boomer’s Printing Company in Lincoln for fourteen years. Subsequently, he worked for McGraw-Hill Inc. and Business Week Magazine in New York City.

His professional career culminated with him serving as President of Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation in Kearney, Nebraska. Additionally, he volunteered his services to numerous community organizations and churches.

John Kunkel was married to Carolyn Kunkel since 1954 and they recently celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary June 13, 2020. As a close-knit family, John is survived by his wife and 3 sons, having been predeceased by his parents and brother.

Professional Career

John has an extensive career in entertainment, including his time as a film producer. During that period he was fired 39% of the time – something John describes as ‘business as usual’ within an ever-evolving industry.

After surviving that, he went on to co-found and run a tech startup during the dotcom boom. When that bubble burst, he focused on education and career coaching instead.

He possesses an extraordinary set of abilities that enable him to make a profound impact in people’s lives and careers. A master at coaching and mentoring leaders to new levels of performance, accomplishment, and success, he uses a proven five-step process taught and practiced in the military to transform his clients into high-performance teams and organizations.

Achievements and Honors

Boomer has always made time for his family and friends, despite his hectic career. He is also a member of several professional and civic organizations such as the Cleveland chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists, First Tee Cleveland, and Ohio Center for Broadcasting.

He has earned a number of distinctions for his services to the community. He founded Trees for Houston and received the Community Forestry Award from the Texas Forest Service; he served on the Houston Museum of Natural Science board and Galveston Bay Foundation board; however, perhaps his greatest achievement lies in developing Kirksey Architecture into one of America’s top ten architecture firms.

Personal Life

John Boomer is an accomplished broadcast journalist who has hosted various radio stations. Additionally, he’s co-hosted several television programs, such as 19 Action News.

Boomer is a decorated military veteran, having participated in multiple wars at different levels. He received training at top-notch centers such as the Center for Creative Leadership and Navy’s Fighter Weapons School.

He is an accomplished professional trainer and coach, having led leadership training at all levels of organizations – from military bases to businesses and nonprofits for over three decades. With his unique approach to leadership that can be applied at any scale of organization, he has written several books on leadership topics as well as guest lectures at universities and colleges around the United States.

Net Worth

Baby boomers have achieved tremendous wealth despite their late start. At the end of the first quarter 2019, these members of the Silent Generation had amassed a collective net worth of $35 trillion, according to Federal Reserve data.

That’s a lot of money, likely to be passed down through generations in what has been described as the greatest wealth transfer in modern history. Many government agencies, charitable groups, and estate lawyers are enthralled by this huge sum.

It is essential for everyone to have financial literacy in order to maximize their savings and wealth. By following smart strategies like paying down debt and saving for retirement, you can ensure your wealth continues to increase as you age.

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