John Boline

John Boline – Architect and VP of Store Design at Starbucks

John Boline is an architect and currently the VP of Store Design for Starbucks. He has a passion for innovation, leading several design studios at Starbucks.

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Early Life and Education

John Boline was born in Fergus Falls, Minnesota and raised in Battle Lake. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Minnesota before receiving his medical doctorate from Mayo Clinic. In 1959 he wed Cynthia Deutsch and moved with her to Denver Colorado; there Jon practiced medicine for 38 years until retiring.

He was an ardent family man, skilled physician, lover of nature and history, outdoors activities and travel – not to mention a dedicated friend and mentor to many generations of students. Even in his final days, former pupils reached out sharing stories of how much he made a difference in their lives. Survived by his loving wife Cynthia of 59 years; daughters Suzy (prev Danner) Fletcher and Stacey Kinne; as well as eight grandchildren.

Professional Career

John Boline boasts a distinguished professional portfolio in architecture and design. A graduate of North Dakota State University, he is licensed to practice law in Idaho. His most remarkable career accomplishment was the ten years he spent as a project architect at GGLO, where he designed and documented multiple multi-million dollar projects. Nowadays he serves as Vice President of Store Design for Starbucks. He was delighted to receive a design award for Starbucks’ newest flagship store located in Seattle, WA. Additionally, he is the recipient of several other accolades. One of his early achievements was creating the foxy FFF, an efficient design process that saves time and money while bringing the Starbucks brand to customers worldwide.

Achievements and Honors

John Boline has extensive professional experience as a licensed architect, currently employed as the Vice President of Store Design at Starbucks. Throughout his career he has designed, documented and coordinated civic, office and retail projects throughout the United States, Mexico and China.

He has received numerous honors and awards, as well as being a guest speaker at various events.

He is the proud recipient of the Wells College Sisterhood Prize, an annual award given to a student who demonstrates their support for transgender and queer rights through activism, visibility, literary or artistic endeavors. Additionally, he has won multiple academic awards during his time at the College as well as being honored with an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Scientific and Engineering Award.

Personal Life

John Boline is a licensed architect who currently leads Starbucks’ design studios. He’s passionate about cultivating an environment of performance which inspires innovation, design and operations throughout our stores. A true explorer, John believes curiosity to be the key to success – an attitude which has served him well during his tenure with Starbucks.

He is a graduate of North Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Architecture and BA Environmental Design. Additionally, he holds certifications from the Idaho Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing – Architectural Examiners, Nevada State Board of Architecture, and Washington Department of Licensing as a Registered Architect.

He passed away in September of 2018. Survived by his wife Cynthia Deutsch Boline; daughters Suzy Danner Fletcher (and husband John), Stacey Kinne (and husband Michael), Kathryn Gresham; son-in-law David Gresham; 8 grandchildren; and brother Allan Boline (Atlanta, GA), please join us in sending our condolences to the Boline family.

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