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Crypto Millionaire – John Baric

JP Baric is a 24 year old from Austin, Texas who bought $1,400 worth of bitcoin back in 2012. He started mining cryptocurrency in his parents’ basement.

He now owns a company called MiningStore, which specializes in bitcoin mining. He earns $1.3 million a month.

Early Life and Education

Baric grew up in the seaside town of San Pedro, California. He has produced numerous documentary films and short form videos, as well as worked in magazine publishing and marketing.

He has earned an Emmy for two of his documentaries, Port Town and Bloody Thursday. In addition, he has launched Rivals United for a Kure, a philanthropic campaign that donates $2 million per year to cancer research hospitals at UCLA and USC.

In February 2015, Roffers and Special Agent Chad Racine visited Schultz’s home and began interviewing him. At that time, he was twenty-seven years old and had a full-time job. He rated his computer knowledge at eight on a one-to-ten scale. This indicates that he knew what would happen and what evidence law enforcement could recover should they search his computer.

Professional Career

John Baric has a long career in science and engineering. His professional background includes positions in hydroprocessing, petrochemicals, and refinery operations.

He has also held a number of consulting roles, most recently as a Principal Consultant at Petrogenium, a specialized oil and gas technology firm. He is also a proud father of two.

Currently, he is the owner of MiningStore, a cryptocurrency mining company that offers Bitcoin mining hardware, mining containers, and professional hosting services. The company has earned him a small fortune since he started it. The company employs a team of 23 workers. He plans on opening a new office in Oklahoma by 2022. The company was also the first to sell crypto mining containers. Its products are deemed the best in the industry.

Achievements and Honors

During his career, he has received several awards and honors. One is the Oliver Max Gardner Award, which recognizes the UNC System’s top faculty members who have made “the greatest contribution to the welfare of the human race.”

The prestigious award honors Baric for his work on coronaviruses and was established by former North Carolina Governor O. Max Gardner, who believed that science should be used to address global health issues.

In his lab, he uses genetic, immunologic and molecular approaches to study the factors that regulate virus replication, cross-species transmission, persistence, evolution and pathogenesis. He utilizes emerging coronaviruses (SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV), flaviviruses (Dengue) and noroviruses as model systems. He has pioneered new strategies for monitoring emerging coronavirus and flavivirus genomes. He also conducts research on the development of novel vaccines against these viruses.

Personal Life

John Paul Baric, aka JP, bought his first bitcoin in 2012 and has since made a killing mining the cryptocurrency. His company, MiningStore, offers hardware and professional hosting services for the burgeoning crypto industry.

He also works closely with his colleague and mentor, Mark Heise, Ph.D, a UNC-Chapel Hill professor of genetics who is an expert on influenza and coronaviruses alike. He and Baric have collaborated on several large projects, most of which have been supported by the North Carolina Biotechnology Center.

A major focus of their research has been the reverse-genetics process that allows researchers to engineer viruses with a few key changes. These changes can result in improved vaccines and antiviral medications. Baric is one of the movers and shakers in this emerging field, and his work has garnered a number of high-profile accolades.

Net Worth

John Baric is a crypto millionaire, bitcoin miner, and CEO of MiningStore. He earned his net worth from a timely investment in cryptocurrency when it was not yet mainstream. He bought his first 200 BTC back in 2012 and now, his wealth has grown to $8 million. He also hosts a podcast on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

John Baric is one of many college dropouts who traded higher education for crypto mining, but this young man from Austin, Texas has earned a fortune in crypto thanks to his passion for the technology. He started with a single computer and built up a mining rig that earns $40,000 a day, bringing in a profit of $1 million per month. He is also a crypto entrepreneur and has a company that offers Bitcoin mining hardware, containers, and professional hosting.

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