John Barbaro

John Barbaro

Barbaro, a champion racehorse, stole our hearts in 2006. He won the Kentucky Derby by the largest margin in sixty years, stirring hopes of a Triple Crown.

Unfortunately, Barbaro’s un-defeated career ended with a catastrophic leg injury in the Preakness Stakes two weeks later. For eight months, Barbaro fought for his life.

Early Life and Education

Barbaro was born on December 4, 1956, in Santiago de Cuba. It is on this date that he received his first name, from Saint Barbara, a patron saint of the Catholic Church.

He received a quality education in the humanist school at Padua, which helped him excel as a scholar and politician. His writings on marriage, especially his early treatise De re uxoria (“On Marriage”), are still studied today on their own merits, and as a lens to illuminate 15th-century Italian attitudes toward family life.

Although few full-length analyses of Barbaro’s life have been written, several biographical works offer useful context and framework for modern interpretations of him. Agostini 1754, Gualdo 1964 and Gothein 1932 are among the best, but Montanari 1840 and Sabbadini 1910 also provide important background information.

Professional Career

John Barbaro was a highly successful businessman and entrepreneur. He also served his country both in World War II and The Korean War as a Navy Radio Man on land support in Coco Solo, Panama and at sea.

He earned an Associates Business Degree from Lynn Burdette College. He was a loving husband, treasured father and beloved grandfather. He is survived by his soulmate, partner and wife of 74 years Nancy (Toothaker) Barbaro.

Almost a quarter-century after his death, Barbaro is remembered by many as one of the greats of his time. He is also remembered by his fans who devoted time and effort to bringing him back to life through a website called “Barbaro.”

Achievements and Honors

John Barbaro has earned many accolades and honors. He won the Kentucky Derby, and is a two-time Breeders’ Cup Classic winner. He was also voted Eclipse Award Horse of the Year.

His career was cut short by a leg injury in the 2006 Preakness Stakes, but his impact on sports fans worldwide remains. His story of perseverance and courage was a true testament to the sport.

He was treated at New Bolton Medical Center in Kennett Square, Chester County, Pennsylvania by surgeon Dean Richardson. In addition, he inspired a large anonymous donation to the center that helped establish the Barbaro Fund.

Personal Life

john barbaro was a passionate person who always believed in the power of education. He and his wife, Nancy, are dedicated to helping their children, grandchildren, and friends pursue their educational goals.

In his spare time, he was an avid golfer and enjoyed sailing. He also served as director of several clubs and organizations including the Amesbury Golf Club, the Northeast National Bank, and the Amesbury YMCA.

He was also a devoted family man and loved spending time with his four children and two grandchildren. He and Nancy were very active in their community and were dedicated to making a positive impact on others’ lives.

In his career, he earned the respect of many people in the field. He also cultivated a large number of fans. They showed their affection for him by sending him Get Well cards, flowers, and gifts.

Net Worth

john barbaro is an American businessman, who has a net worth of $4 million. He is the non-executive independent chairman of Smart Employee Benefits.

He is also a former president of Prudential Insurance Company of America and past chairman and CEO of Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. He also serves as director of Northbridge Financial Corporation, Thomson Reuters, and The Brick Ltd.

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