Jirachi Best Nature

Best Nature of Jirachi in Generations

Jirachi is a versatile Pokemon that is best used as a bulky, fast physical attacker. It can also be used as a support Pokemon. In this regard, it is best suited to take the Jolly nature so that it can make use of its powerful moves such as Zen Headbutt and Serene Grace, and can even cause opposing Pokemon to flinch. When used defensively, however, a Careful nature is best. This will allow Jirachi to spread its status more effectively and wear down the opposing team more quickly.

The best nature of Jirachi depends on what type of opponent it’s facing. Because of its bulk, it is more effective against Dragon-types. Jirachi’s bulk will also allow it to use special moves such as Wish and Stealth Rock in order to avoid being hit by bulky Pokemon. Jirachi’s high flinch probability makes it one the best moves against Psychic-types as well as Dragon-types. The other great move is Energy Ball, which can OHKO Seismitoad and Gastrodon. Jirachi can also perform a U-turn to escape Magnezone and can withstand other Pokemon’s attacks and Special Moves.

Jirachi’s most powerful and special attacks are its strongest. Its Psychic and 308 speed beat most base 90s. Its max HP gives it 101 Substitutes. Flash Cannon is a useful Special Attack for Jirachi. It costs double the amount of energy as Doom Desire, but it provides additional type coverage in neutral scenarios.

Jirachi’s CP plays a crucial role in making a raid or wild encounter a success. Its nature of wish makes it a great support for the team and provides healing as well. Jirachi’s CP also ensures that it doesn’t wake up when it’s in danger.

Although Jirachi has a high EV spread, it is not one of the fastest Pokemon in the game. Nevertheless, its 184 Speed EVs are enough to beat even +1 Dragonite. Furthermore, it’s faster than Jolly Landorus-T. Jirachi can bring its fellows to the Jolly nature, which is a major advantage over Sassy nature.

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