Jennie Daniels

Jennie Daniels – A Memorable Real Estate Professional

Jenny attempts to make amends with Bette and Tina by creating a video of memories; unfortunately, shortly thereafter she is found dead.

She enjoys listening to Yellowcard, Trapt, Staind, Everclear Radiohead and Disturbed music, cooking and arts and crafts as hobbies; an avid reader; as well as being part of Zion United Church of Christ.

Early Life and Education

Jennie was an attentive wife, mother, grandmother and aunt who took great pleasure in reading, gardening and playing cards with her family as well as singing and playing the guitar. Jennie also had a deep-seated passion for animals that she dedicated much of her time protecting the rights of Monadnock region animals in New Hampshire.

Jennie King was raised in a Protestant household; however, due to concerns with her public school education, her parents decided to enroll her at Mary Immaculate Catholic School for sixth grade despite its tuition being an expensive burden on their finances. Although tuition proved challenging to them financially, they made arrangements so it could still work for Jennie’s education.

She currently works for VPD Government Solutions as a Social Science Research Analyst for OPRE and has particular interest in linking policy to practice, supporting low-income families and using an equity lens when evaluating social safety-net programs.

Professional Career

Jen Daniels provides professional learning opportunities to educators working with language learners by creating and delivering writing pedagogies, inclusive teaching practices and multiliteracies research projects.

She enjoys working at the college level, especially with first year students. She understands this is often a time of discovery and uncertainty for many of them, so she strives to help them see beyond how their identities were once defined and unlock their full potential.

She has also held roles at several corporate and private equity firms, performing tasks in marketing, strategic planning/execution, innovation management and office operations management. Currently she serves as Concord Office Manager for IOD while also founding Flying Laboratories Consulting Firm to offer individual coaching and strategy advisory services for business leaders to create, grow and lead dynamically on an on-going basis.

Achievement and Honors

Jennie Daniels is an experienced, professional woman renowned for her excellent negotiating abilities and relentless desire to exceed the expectations of her clients. She delights in educating clients throughout each step of the buying and selling process while being recognized for outstanding client service and unwavering commitment to client relationships.

At Beloit College, she is an active and ardent member of the community, serving on both the search committee for its next president as well as COVID Task Force. Furthermore, she has long been part of Emmanuel Baptist Church as deaconess and choir member.

In March, she was selected to attend a week-long doctoral workshop devoted to poverty and inequality research, an experience which inspired her to continue with her own investigation.

Personal Life

Jennie Daniels was a dedicated and skilled real estate professional who delighted in helping others realize their dreams. Her strong negotiation and problem-solving abilities enabled her to excel in her industry, and she proudly served both Myrtle Point and Coquille school districts for over 40 years.

She enjoyed music and movies alike; some of her favorite bands included Yellowcard, Trapt, Sublime. Additionally, she enjoyed watching Sex And The City and House on television.

At 62, she passed away peacefully in her Mauldin home and is survived by two daughters and one grandchild. A private funeral and celebration of life will be held this summer by her family.

Net Worth

Jennie has achieved great success and wealth throughout her career as a model, singer and television host – not to mention an extensive portfolio of luxury brand endorsements and songwriting credits for some of BLACKPINK’s chart-topping tracks!

She’s an avid supporter of Chanel and often makes front-row appearances at their fashion shows. Additionally, she was named as face for Coco Neige 2021-22 campaign as well as modeling their Coco Crush jewelry line.

She’s been the co-host of a TV show called Campus Eats since 2016, which covers food trucks and restaurants on college campuses. Additionally, she and her husband own houses in Louisiana and Arizona as well as enjoy traveling together during holidays together and regularly sharing pictures from their travels through social media.

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