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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

Jay and Silent Bob, the mallrats from Kevin Smith’s Clerks are back in a new film. But who is this duo and what can we expect?

A lot of things have changed since Clerks, but the pair’s wit and wacky ways are still very much alive. They’re now starring in their own movie, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, which is set to hit theaters in March.

The original Jay and Silent Bob appeared in Clerks, a Kevin Smith-directed movie that was one of his best works. It was a fantastic debut for the pair and a great way to introduce the world to Jason Mewes’s unique voice. In addition, this film introduced the world to many of Kevin Smith’s other iconic characters like Dante and Holden McNeil.

Throughout the series, the duo have faced a number of problems and have often been forced to fight for their reputations. This has resulted in them becoming a household name and earning a lot of money.

After winning $10 million from a scratch card in the Quick Stop, they decide to become superheroes Bluntman and Chronic (a parody of Batman and Robin). They build a secret Fortress of Solitude beneath RST Video and acquire all the gadgets and accessories they need. They also hire a butler named Albert, who is a parody of Alfred Pennyworth.

When they’re not busy being villains, they are frequently found causing trouble at home. They have a recurring habit of stealing people’s clothes, kicking dogs, and making fun of their mothers’ names in front of their children. They’re also known to use a variety of curses, though this seems to be largely due to their mother’s uncaring nature.

They are often paired together in the View Askewniverse films to form the duo Jay and Silent Bob. Jay is slim and tall with long blonde hair, while Silent Bob is rotund and has dark brown hair. He towers over Jay and speaks in a nasal, deep voice that is usually offensive.

He is also very cynical and has an overbearing personality. He’s often prone to bullying and insulting other people, including Jay, and he can be quite aggressive. He’s also a big fan of sports and often watches them.

Although he is a bit on the sarcastic side, he often has something intelligent to say to other characters. Often times, it’s a little witty and will prompt the others to change their outlook.

Jay and Silent Bob are also featured in a few Disney movies, most notably Hocus Pocus, where they are the stereotypical 90s bullies. They’re first seen hanging out in a graveyard with Max, and they eventually get Max’s shoes stolen. They’re then confronted by Bartleby and Loki and a host of demons, who are all trying to help the angels cause the end of the world.

The duo also make an appearance in the cult classic Scream. They have a cameo in the first Scream, and they return to the Scream universe in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back as one of the cameos.

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