Jarrett Thomas

Jarrett Thomas

Jarrett Thomas is a marketing expert who believes personal brands are an essential component of any business’s overall strategy. He wants to teach marketers how to utilize content marketing techniques to drive traffic and convert leads.

Beasley rose to fame as one of the stars of Bravo reality show “Southern Charm”. His friendships with OG Shep, Craig, and Austen cemented his place amongst the cast.

Early Life and Education

Jarrett Thomas began as a hardworking student who paid her own way through college. Later she worked as a journalist and is an accomplished author; currently serving on the Board of Directors for Civic Nation as well as co-chairing The United State of Women.

She began her radio career by hosting Negro Newsfront on WJJD-AM; later she produced and hosted several African American service programs such as Face to Face and Sunday in Chicago for WLS-TV.

She reconvened her longtime trio with bassist Gary Peacock and drummer Jack DeJohnette for a series of recordings featuring jazz standards that cemented them as one of the most influential groups in modern music. These sessions resulted in two albums on ECM called Standards Volume 1 and Standards Volume 2, both available today.

Professional Career

Jarrett Thomas is an award-winning science journalist and award-winning author who regularly contributes to both The New York Times and Chicago Tribune, in addition to producing and hosting several television programs such as Black on Black for WLS-TV and Sunday in Chicago for WLS-TV.

He serves on the Spitzer IRAC Instrument Science Team and as software engineer of WISE aperture photometry system, his research focusing on galaxies that interact, star formation regions and large scale structures in our local universe.

Thomas joined Southern Charm as part of season 9 and quickly made friends with Craig Conover, Shep Rose, and Austen Kroll. In his free time he enjoys snowboarding as well as organizing international mission trips that bring medical care to third world countries.

Achievement and Honors

Jarrett earned numerous honors and awards during his journalism career, such as being the inaugural recipient of the NAACP’s James Weldon Johnson Achievement Award and serving on The Crisis magazine for ninety years.

Jarrett Thomas was born and raised in Carrollton, Georgia where he attended Central High School – graduating with honors as president of his class – before attending Mercer University School of Medicine as a Southern Medical Association Scholar.

He currently teaches history at Bowdon High School in Bowdon, Georgia and enjoys helping his students find their strengths. A sports enthusiast, he enjoys following both Atlanta Falcons and St Louis Cardinals; running and piano playing are other passions of his. His favorite movie is A Bronx Tale.

Personal Life

Jarrett Thomas is an entrepreneur who owns The Inns, a company which specializes in luxury Airbnb and vacation homes. A frequent traveller, he frequently takes part in international volunteer medical missions.

Jarrett joined the cast of Bravo reality show Southern Charm Season 9 alongside interior designer Rodrigo Reyes and computer programmer Rod Razavi, and could frequently be seen bickering with Shep while flirting with Austen (whom he later reunited with in the trailer).

He is an active social media user and posts frequently about his life on Instagram and Facebook. An avid sports fan, he regularly engages in physically-demanding exercises such as burpees. At 5 feet 8 inches he stands as one of the tallest individuals.

Net Worth

Jarret Thomas has an estimated net worth between $1 and $9 Million. His main source of income comes from his successful career as a snowboarder in United States.

Entrepreneur and founder of The Inns, which offers luxury vacation rentals in Charleston. He believes in “dream big, never quit,” and all his hard work has paid off.

Southern Charm viewers were told that JT has formed close ties with OG Shep, Craig and Austen as part of his group. Additionally, it was revealed that JT is looking for his future life partner – with one specific Southern belle being considered an ideal match.

JT is also an investor, owning over $4 Million worth of WisdomTree Inc (WT). His fitness regime often involves burpees or taking on other physical challenges.

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