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Jacquelyn Thomas Net Worth

Jacquelyn Thomas has an insatiable passion for social organization and school transformation. She currently sits on the North American Advisory Council for Toyota TODOS as well as being executive sponsor for other employee-led groups that promote diversity, inclusion and career growth.

As Editor-in-Chief for NCOA, she creates content to build its brand while driving thought leadership and engaging older adults. She currently resides in Cincinnati with her family.

Early Life and Education

Jacquelyn Thomas was raised in a family that values education and encouraged entrepreneurship. She attended Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, graduating with a Diploma. Additionally, she studied at Lyndon State College.

After graduating from college, she pursued her interest in chemistry by joining David E. Bergbreiter’s research team at Texas A&M University and working on molecular structure analysis and explanation using computer modeling.

At Exeter, she led numerous activities tailored to female students. She recalls fond memories such as ridding the library of blue mice released by Andover students during coeducational weekend activities; cooking in Wheelwright Hall residence; and helping preps adjust to Harkness teaching. Today, she remains an advocate for girls and women in STEM careers while creating engaging curricula for minority students.

Professional Career

Jacquelyn Thomas was honored during a virtual assembly on Friday with the 2021 Founders Day award for her remarkable 35-year tenure as Academy Librarian during which she transformed the Class of 1945 Library into an intellectual and cultural hub on campus life. Through innovative programs designed to bring Harkness teaching faculty as well as visiting artists, poets, musicians and students into her library space promoted inclusivity while maintaining academic rigor.

She also led student trips to museums and curated a collection of 1632 Shakespeare folios. Additionally, she coached girls tennis and served on many committees.

She currently oversees a team that facilitates third-party carriers that move Schneider freight. With an exceptional background that allows her to provide mission-critical service that keeps customers’ freight moving efficiently. In addition, she holds certifications as a Compliance & Ethics Professional.

Achievement and Honors

Jacquelyn Thomas has garnered much acclaim and awards for her work with students. Her commitment to social organization and transformative education is unrivaled, while she has designed comprehensive STEM and STEAM programs to engage girls while ensuring equality for all.

Thomas transformed the Class of 1945 Library into an intellectual and cultural hub at the heart of campus life during her time as Academy Librarian. She welcomed thousands of visitors to Louis Kahn Library Building; hosting summer concert series, art exhibits, Lamont Poetry Series readings by internationally acclaimed poets as well as hosting summer concert series hosted in her building.

She volunteered with preps and girls as part of the Junior Studies program, encouraging them to believe they had “a purpose and had a seat at the table.” At 2021 Founders’ Day assembly she was honored for 35 years of service.

Personal Life

Thomas is an enthusiastic photographer who delights in capturing nature, the sky and weather phenomena. An active member of both the National Weather Association and American Meteorological Society, she enjoys travelling as well as spending time with family.

Her dedication to her profession and to Exeter community earned her numerous awards, including the Founders Day Award in 2021. At her acceptance speech she recounted some memorable Exeter experiences – such as ridding the library of blue mice set loose by Andover students during Exeter/Andover weekend or cooking meals in her bathroom when Wheelwright Hall dining hall was closed!

She prefers to keep her personal life private and details regarding marriage status or any children are yet unavailable. She maintains a moderate weight and enjoys good health.

Net Worth

Jacqueline Thomas, an established meteorologist and singer, boasts an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million as of 2023.

Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School was her place of study until 2010, at which point she enrolled at Lyndon State College to study atmospheric sciences and meteorology with a minor in journalism, working alongside LSC’s news station broadcasting on-air newscasts to 14 surrounding towns.

Jacqueline Thomas and Jakes officially tied the knot on August 2021 after getting engaged in December 2019. Together they live happily with their beloved pooch Sammy; all other details remain private for now; she stands at 5’5″ and weighs an average 200 lbs.

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