Jack’s Axe

Axe Throwing at Jack’s Axe House

Explore a unique Norse-Filipino fantasy world in this two-dimensional platformer, where enemies must be destroyed while you overcome thrilling platforming challenges on either single or multiplayer adventures!

Filipino developer Keybol Games’ game does a wonderful job of telling a compelling narrative within each world it features. Each includes a central hub area with smaller dungeons that you can unlock by collecting Runes.

Early Life and Education

No matter whether your goal is to build relationships among friends, impress a date or make your husband’s birthday memorable, nothing beats going axe throwing for some friendly competition! Axe throwing has long been used by lumberjacks (also called loggers) after working days at lumber camps as a form of relaxation and entertainment.

Now Iowa City residents have the chance to join in this popular activity with Hatchet Jack’s Axe Throwing opening up in Gateway One Plaza this Friday – once home to Family Video. Owners Nick Carroll and Jim Pearson say they were inspired by an similar establishment they visited in New Jersey to bring it back home.

Professional Career

Lumber Jack’s Axe House provides Melbourne with an enjoyable environment designed for team-building, date night or simply releasing some steam. Axe throwing is easy to learn and an effective way to manage stress relief; plus it makes an exciting activity for a bachelor or bachelorette party!

As Assistant General Manager, your goals will include meeting strategic goals by creating operational policies, developing budgets and overseeing employees at your location. Our exciting and unforgettable guest experiences leave a lasting impression!

Achievement and Honors

NAU President Jose Luis Cruz Rivera presented President’s Prize and Gold Axe awards, while also honoring students as Distinguished Seniors during a ceremony on April 10. This event also marked the debut of Hatchet Jack’s, a hatchet-tossing bar which opened this year at Gateway One plaza.

Join the Jack sisters on an epic single or multiplayer axe-throwing journey through this vibrant open world inspired by Filipino and Norse mythology, taking girl power to new heights with this Norse/Filipino fantasy fusion!

Compete in our staple events or put your skills through the paces in our tournament! Time your axe obstacle course run against accuracy in Timber Tossing and Stone Throw judging; compete to become our Jack Axe All Round Champion by winning all three events to take home our Double Eagle trophy and be honored as Jack Axe All Round Champion!

Personal Life

Jack’s Axe Throwing is an exciting, entertaining activity that has quickly gained traction across the country. Not only is this activity great fun and relaxing, but also provides an ideal opportunity for friendly competition among friends and family; moreover, its use is guaranteed safe.

Axe throwing is a sport with a rich history. Originally used by lumberjacks to release tension and have fun, axe throwing eventually developed into a competitive sport during World War II and is still widely practiced today – you’ll often find venues offering this sport at theme parks and festivals.

This Viking game’s narrative takes an unconventional approach by mixing elements from Norse and Philippine folklore and mythology, making its storyline quite daring for any Viking game. Bari and Melai Silvestre collaborated with their three daughters to write it together.

Net Worth

This company is an industry leader, offering customers an opportunity to compete against friends and family while having fun at one of the Grand Strand’s premier entertainment destinations. There are two fully operational locations, both equipped with professional trainers who teach customers how to throw an axe properly.

Jack Axe features highly polished and smooth pixel art that recalls GBA games of years past; unfortunately, this aesthetic doesn’t take full advantage in its story.

Keybol Games of Philippines made sure to incorporate some meaningful cultural references, notably Taguan (a traditional hide-and-seek game) and Norse mythology. It adds some diversity and color to an otherwise standard puzzle game genre. While at times challenging, controls remain accurate and balanced.

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