jacko beer

Jack O Pumpkin Ale

This beer boasts an exceptional blend of pumpkin flavors with subtle spice notes for an irresistibly refreshing beverage that pairs beautifully with roasted meats, squash ravioli and garlic mashed potatoes.

Taste begins with sweetness that slowly unveils notes of brown sugar and cinnamon before progressing to include nutmeg – another classic pumpkin pie flavor.

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Jack O contains ingredients like toasted pie crust for flavor and aroma, two-row pale malt, malted wheat and Hallertau hops; it is then brewed using yeast and water with an inviting medium body and soft mouthfeel that caresses your tongue – an excellent beverage choice for casual beer drinkers looking for sweet beers as well as meat dishes like beef stew and meatloaf, or desserts like pumpkin mousse!

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