Jacking Bolts

Jacking Bolts

A screw jack is an adjustable vertical support used to lift heavy objects. It consists of an anchor point with an attached heavy-duty screw, with the handle secured on top.

Bolt composition, strength grade and thread pitch determines the desired clamping force. Achieving adequate fastener torque reduces vibration in a machine system and enhances reliability.

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Jack bolts, also referred to as positioning or push bolts, are designed to assist in aligning machinery during shaft alignment procedures. However, they should not be used as hold down bolts; that task falls solely to hold-down bolts.

Installation is straightforward; simply weld a nut onto the base plate bolt, and attach it using screws or bolts. These devices save time, stop excess minor movements back and forth with dead blow hammers, and make shaft alignment much simpler than before.

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Jack screws serve a specific function during shaft alignment: positioning machinery laterally for proper shaft positioning. They should not be used as hold down bolts would do that better; leaving one too close against a motor’s foot can cause it to expand and destroy its female threads as well as potentially destroy a mounting block with threaded female threads for mounting it securely.

A shim between the bolt and foot will prevent this from occurring, while it’s wise to mount it with a jam nut and apply anti-seize before installing it. Use VibrAlign laser alignment tool for verification that jack bolt is in its proper place before moving machine into place; these will save time, reduce minor back-and-forths with pry bar, and make shaft alignment less stressful.

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Properly utilized, jack bolts can assist in positioning machines during shaft alignments; however, they should not be considered an alternative to hold down bolts as these keep the machine secure after alignment is completed.

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