jacker clothing

What is a Jacker?

Jacker is a term commonly used in the world of rap music to refer to someone who steals other rappers’ verses, lyrics, or beats without permission from them.

“A brilliant, hilarious portrait of life in the peacetime U.S. Army”- New York Times; Lindsay-Crouse’s production on Broadway proves equally riveting; funny, touching and strangely fascinating- Woman’s Wear Daily

Net Worth

Your net worth is calculated by subtracting the value of your assets from any debts that are due. Knowing your net worth provides a useful snapshot of your finances. Knowing it also comes in handy when considering big purchases like buying a car or home or setting savings goals.

Your net worth is calculated by adding up all your assets – homes, vehicles, money in checking and savings accounts, certificates of deposit and stocks and bonds – then subtracting liabilities such as mortgages, car loans and credit card debt. One way to increase your net worth is through purchasing assets that appreciate in value such as real estate investments or stock purchases while another way is paying down debts such as credit cards or student loans.

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