Jack Youredjian

Jack Youredjian, Founder and Executive Chairman of Western Drug/Lifeair

Young Youredjian would take his bike down Navajo Street in Toluca Lake to admire one of its historic marvels: Walter Lantz’s Streamline Moderne home (now owned by his family).

Jack Youredjian, executive chairman of Western Drug/Lifeair and philanthropist, established a scholarship fund through COAF that allows rural village students access to higher education.

Early Life and Education

Jack and Zarig Youredjian established this scholarship fund in 2019, realizing that many rural youth could not afford university tuition fees. Their foundation is committed to awarding annual scholarships that cover full tuition until graduation for fields such as pedagogy, business management, IT medicine and law.

As self-declared history enthusiasts, the Youredjians are eager to discover every corner of their home’s past. Already they have discovered lavish parties, late-night poker games and an intense gunfight during Prohibition that left one bullet lodged between its wooden bifold doors between entry hall and living room.

Youredjians are well-known philanthropists and AUA Pillars known for their generosity, providing funding for COVID-19 initiatives as well as other important projects.

Professional Career

Jack (Hagop) Youredjian, is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Western Drug/Lifeair in Los Angeles, which provides pharmaceutical and medical supplies. He attended American University of Beirut before earning his doctorate of Pharmacy degree at University of Southern California.

Philanthropist Jack and Zarig Youredjian established the Children of Armenia Fund Jack and Zarig Youredjian Scholarship Fund in 2019 to offer students from rural villages in Armenia access to higher education in fields of their choosing. This groundbreaking initiative seeks to bridge education disparities with greater opportunities.

Jack and Zarig Youredjian of AUA Pillars and Philanthropists have always been committed to supporting their community during times of hardship, even during times of change catalysts such as economic fluctuations. Lara deconstructs historical narratives, memories, life lessons from change catalysts and assists them with discovering the qualities that enable them to lead mindful professional and personal lives.

Achievement and Honors

Glendale–The Armenian Relief Society Western US Regional Executive Board is honored to recognize and thank the Youredjian family for their dedication and contribution to Armenian Relief Society philanthropic initiatives, specifically through being major event sponsors at this year’s ARS Gala 2022 event.

Jack and Zarig established the COAF Scholarship Fund following their 2019 trip to Armenia, realizing its urgent need to give rural youth access to higher education. Since its creation, this sizeable fund has granted scholarships to 102 students from villages supported by COAF. And every year since, its scope continues to increase further.

The Youredjian Foundation has played an important role in helping Gyumri domik residents relocate from makeshift shelters into modern apartments, helping restore their lives in doing so. Furthermore, the Youredjian Foundation also provides AUA students with scholarships through its scholarship programs.

Personal Life

Jack Youredjian, born in Jerusalem and grandson of Armenian genocide survivors, is a passionate philanthropist and attributes his success both professionally and personally to their values and traits.

He and Zarig, his wife, founded Western Drug Medical Supply in California in 1977 and quickly become industry leaders in healthcare and pharmacy products. Today the business boasts eight divisions in California.

The Youredjian family are residents of Toluca Lake and enjoy living there because of its welcoming community vibe. Their favorite restaurants include Kabosu and Sushi Yuzu; training with Janice Cronkhite at Align and Define Pilates is another enjoyable activity they take part in; along with participating in neighborhood events like decorating their house for Halloween decorations!

They are active philanthropists and have contributed significantly to several COAF projects in rural Armenia. Most recently, in 2019 The Youredjian Family Charitable Foundation established the COAF Scholarship Fund which will assist rural Armenian children gain access to higher education.

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