Jack Wolack

Jack Wolack

Jack Wolack was someone that anyone could entrust with their trust. He was intelligent, sensitive, and caring.

He died at 19 and was found on a hillside. A memorial service will be held for him at One & All Church located at 1404 W Covina Blvd, San Dimas on Friday March 3, 2023.

Early Life and Education

Jack Wolak was an extremely intelligent and kind individual. A descendant of Mayflower, he worked tirelessly to give his family the best life he could. Taking great pride in his work and as a father. Also loved son brother husband.

Jack Wolak decided to go into engineering, so after graduating high school he enrolled at college to obtain a degree. To ensure he would have a bright future he made many sacrifices but in the end all their hard work paid off.

Damien High School Spartans announced on Facebook that Jack Wolak passed away at age 19. A memorial service will take place Friday, March 3 at One & All Church located at 1404 W Covina Blvd, San Dimas CA.

Professional Career

Jack began his long career in city planning after serving in World War II. He produced comprehensive plans for Naples, Florida; Vero Beach and Fort Pierce Virginia; Newport News Virginia’s first zoning ordinance as well as planning Hilton Village as an historic district.

In 1975, he established his own planning consulting firm which became his focus professionally until his death. Today this firm serves clients from throughout the US.

Denise Smith remains active in local community and charitable committees and was instrumental in raising money to create a new multipurpose room, library and community center at Mount Washington Elementary School near Los Angeles.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Wolack was an outstanding student who attended Damien High School in San Dimas, which is a private Roman Catholic high school for boys in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, with freshmen coming from 75 elementary schools across Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties – it’s named for Saint Damien of Molokai!

Jack was an exceptional baseball and volleyball player at Damien. Additionally, he participated on their golf team as well. Jack was very dedicated and hardworking; never giving up until his last breath. A true leader and great friend to everyone who knew him.

Whoever wishes to pay their respects to Jack can do so by attending his memorial service on Friday, March 3 at Damien High School Spartans. More details on the event have been shared via Facebook by Damien.

Personal Life

Jack is an innocent youngster who moves into an apartment building and quickly wins over its residents, particularly the Woman Nobody Called On who keeps an endless supply of his favorite bon-bons on hand to ensure they don’t end up too many of his sweet tooth.

Jack Wolack was one of the most reliable people they had ever known, always being there when needed and always making others feel better just by being around him. He is survived by his mother and brother; his memorial service will take place Friday, March 3 at One & All Church at 1404 W Covina Blvd in San Dimas CA at 11:00 AM.

Net Worth

At his death in 2020, Jack Welch’s net worth was reported as approximately $750 Million. A successful business executive who spent many years at General Electric as chairman and CEO, his tenure saw the value increase by 400% due to his unique “Walch Way”. As chairman and CEO, Welch earned millions every year through salary and stock bonuses while becoming famous as an author with several best selling business books that eventually retired with substantial pension benefits packages.

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