Jack Talkington

Jack Talkington and Bryn Talkington

Madeleine “Maddie” Talkington braved advanced melanoma until her passing on Dec 22, 2020 surrounded by family and friends. She was 31.

Talkington joined Crestmark in 2008 upon its acquisition of Commercial Capital Lending, where he is responsible for accounting, interest rate risk management funding and special projects areas.

Early Life and Education

Jack Talkington was born and raised on his family farm near Folsom, West Virginia. After attending Smithfield High School and the University of Kentucky – graduating both – he went on to serve in the US Army for 28 years.

Before his retirement in December 1987, he served in Germany, Vietnam and Korea and received multiple awards and honors during his military career.

He is survived by his wife Evelyn; their three daughters Jill and Dave McCaskill of Cypress, Texas; Jacki and Bob Chase of Iola, Kansas and Lisa and John Dreasher of Hutchinson, Kansas; 11 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, two brothers and sister; was a Knights of Columbus member; is laid to rest at Highland Cemetery in Iola Kansas.

Professional Career

Talkington has enjoyed an accomplished professional career working for multiple news channels and social media platforms. She is renowned as a talented anchor with extensive knowledge in her work; confident while speaking on camera she understands how best to present a story.

At Trive Capital’s Dallas office, Talkington performs transaction due diligence as well as working with management teams and providing operational and growth strategies for companies in energy transition, upstream oil & gas operations, minerals & royalties companies as well as mineral sales firms. His clients include energy transition companies, upstream operators and minerals & royalties companies for mergers & acquisitions.

He served for 28 years in Germany, Vietnam, Korea and Thailand in which time he earned numerous medals and honors. Furthermore, he was an active member of his church while also acting as Cub Scout leader on Ft Carson for several years.

Achievement and Honors

Talkington’s tenure at Kansas State was marked by his coaching of nine ASUN Conference Champions and two NCAA Regional Qualifiers in men’s pole vault, and two indoor/outdoor ASUN champions in triple jump for women.

Sydney Turner of SMS achieved the milestone of 1000 career assists for Crusaders volleyball team in 2022! Her contributions were key in their achievement of District Championship!

Jack Talkington received the Silver Star for Valor for his service as crew chief aerial observer of a light observation helicopter while serving in Vietnam with the 145th Aviation Battalion, 1st Aviation Brigade, United States Army. On April 8 1987 he was killed in action and his body is interred at Bowlus Cemetery near Iola Kansas. Donations can be made in his memory to First Presbyterian Church of Iola Kansas or Friends of Bowlus or Allen Community College Endowment Association through Waugh-Yokum & Friskel Funeral Chapel of Iola for donation collection or Waugh-Yokum & Friskel Funeral Chapel of Iola Kansas for collection at Bowlus Cemetery Iola Kansas.

Personal Life

Bryn Talkington currently lives in Texas with her significant other and children, though most details about them remain private. She completed early education from local schools before enrolling at Texas Tech University to major in journalism – beginning her professional life by working for a small news channel.

After serving for 28 years with the United States Army in Germany, Vietnam, Korea, and Thailand – earning several medals and honors before retiring in December 1987 – Jack Talkington left behind his wife Evelyn as well as four sons, Jack (wife Evelyn); Camille; Jacki (Robert Chase of Lawrence Kansas); Jill McCaskill of Cypress Texas, Jacki (Robert) Chase of Lawrence Kansas and Lisa Dreasher of Oviedo Florida as well as 10 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild as well. His brothers William and Robert also survive.

Net Worth

Bryn Talkington, an American finance and wealth manager, has become an esteemed name in her field for many years. As the managing partner of Requisite Capital Management, she boasts extensive expertise that makes her one of the best financial managers.

Personal Life. She is married to Ross Talkington and together they share two young boys: Nicolas and Jack. Starting her career early on in life has helped her become one of the top financial managers in America.

She is known for her sharp analysis and unwavering predictions, as well as asset management expertise. Additionally, she maintains an active social media presence with over 78,000 followers on Instagram alone.

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