Jack Stick

Jack Stick – Undauntedly Ambitious

Jack Stick is an ambitious individual with limited means. A former prosecutor and state lawmaker, he became the top lawyer at a Texas health care agency and later left under suspicion regarding connections to an Austin software firm.

His supporters maintain he’s innocent of any involvement with 21CT.

Early Life and Education

Jack Stick was born in a two-story brick apartment house in Bedford Stuyvesant in Brooklyn (1920 Census), then later moved with his family to a smaller red-brick home in South Richmond Hill in Queens.

Jack attended New York University on a football scholarship, where he studied fine arts education while acting in off-Broadway plays.

He tried over 250 jury trials during his time as an attorney, earning recognition by peers in 2004 as Rising Star. Now practicing in Colleyville, his law practice specializes in Criminal Defense: White Collar cases as well as Medicaid integrity advocacy; clients were protected against government investigations; he also helped develop training programs for healthcare providers.

Professional Career

Jack has built an outstanding professional career, beginning as a deputy prosecutor and later rising to become senior manager in the Office of Inspector General. Over his tenure he has overseen multiple high-profile investigations.

Recently, he has become one of the highest lawyers at the Health and Human Services Commission. After being promoted from his former position as deputy inspector general to chief counsel of this agency, some say he used “questionable” means to steer an unbid software contract of $20 Million no to 21CT.

Stick told one of his potential employers during an interview that, were he an animal, he would likely be a “liger”, which is a hybrid between lion and tiger. Perhaps this statement was intended as a warning not to underestimate him and consider him someone to be trifled with.

Achievement and Honors

Stick quickly established himself as a strong presence in the Capitol following his successful run for District 50 in 2002. Co-workers described him as an intimidating presence with a caustic leadership style and an affinity to reward friends while punish detractors – such as residents in Canyon Creek off RR620 which Stick won with 81% of votes in 2006. One dissatisfied resident in Canyon Creek named Don Zimmerman complained to Stick about breaking one of his promises to pass legislation that reduces taxes paid to a local utility district.

Jack Stick also serves as Executive Director of VerisLaw, an organization which represents health care professionals in legal matters and provides training to compliance officers of healthcare facilities.

Personal Life

People who know Stick best describe him as unafraidly ambitious. In certain circumstances, he can be charismatic and fierce advocate for the underdog; but his caustic leadership style often divides opinion by rewarding supporters while targeting detractors.

Last year, the former director of Texas Health and Human Services Commission claimed that Stick misled him regarding a software contract between 21CT, an Austin company with which Stick was in talks for an extension contract totalling $90 million, and himself. 21CT denied these accusations.

21CT has also filed suit against Frinzi for business disparagement, though he maintains his actions were legal under an obscure state purchasing program.

Net Worth

Net worth measures the difference between an individual’s assets and liabilities – this figure can help create budgets, encourage wise spending habits and pay down debt faster; set savings goals or determine retirement opportunities; etc.

Jack White is an esteemed musician and producer best known as frontman for The White Stripes, as well as co-founding Third Man Records in 2001.

He has modelled for many brands such as; Interview Magazine, Dazed Magazine and L’Oreal Hommes Espana among many others. Currently single and focused on his career; an avid traveller and food lover with an affinity for cooking new dishes!

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