Jack S Eagan

Jack S Eagan

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He provides advice to clients on a range of municipal bond and project finance matters, acting as bond counsel, underwriter’s counsel or company counsel as needed.

Early Life and Education

Eagan was raised in Ireland, like many of its early settlers. Patrick and Margaret McCarthy made a 180-acre homestead claim in what was then Mendota Township in 1853 or 1854; John McCarthy split the property the next year, keeping hold of 14 sections (now home to 3805 Pilot Knob Road) that belonged to John alone.

Eagan earned national amateur boxing glory and qualified for Olympic team trials at Antwerp that summer despite pressure to turn professional; instead he continued fighting as an amateur, fighting only for fun.

In 1959, Eagan village schools were combined to form one single facility and District 14 students attended their new school north of Eagan near Lexington Avenue and Diffley Road.

Professional Career

Eagan was an extremely diverse professional. He excelled at competitive sports and music alike while fostering genuine relationships through various government contracting firms such as EMA LLC and Compendium Federal Technology LLC that he owned.

He has successfully represented numerous cases before the Massachusetts Trial Court as well as federal systems including the Appeals Court and Supreme Judicial Court, in every department. Additionally, he has successfully represented clients in various civil litigation matters including business/shareholder litigation; employment discrimination claims; wrongful death suits and eminent domain/land valuation issues.

Jack was deeply committed to his family, church, community and country, exhibiting immense loyalty. His tremendous heart, quick wit and charming sense of humor will be sorely missed; his life a testament to the virtue of living according to the Golden Rule.

Achievement and Honors

Jack leaves behind to remember him his wife of over twenty-seven years, Kathleen Chizmar Eagan; daughter Kerrie Ann (Christopher) Rybicki of Howland with two grandchildren Gavin and Ryleigh as well as Patricia L. Elmo of Boardman and Sheila J. Sebbio both living in Boardman as well as Jodi Knutti Barber who lives nearby.”

Jack is proud of being from West Virginia, enjoying both its people and scenery. He and his family are actively engaged with their community by participating in activities like the Bluefish Festival and Clinton Rotary Cancer Relief Fund, saving up personal vacation time to register children for Amber Alert ID programs or volunteering as firefighter/ambulance attendant for Clinton Town.

Personal Life

Jack was not only an avid Cleveland Browns and Indians fan; he was also a devoted family man, working multiple part-time jobs to support himself and his loved ones while providing for local community schools.

Eagan was an exemplary industrialist who believed in living up to his belief of the Golden Rule. He took great pleasure in treating employees fairly and with dignity while regularly giving his time for charitable causes.

Born December 18, 1997 to Tanya and John Eagan of Neenah, Wisconsin. He is best known as Johnny’s brother; who played baseball and football at UW-Oshkosh and Northern Illinois University respectively; as well as having one sister: Harleigh. Currently living in Camby Indiana with wife Joanne Eagan.

Net Worth

Dependent upon the size and terms of your loans, and whether or not payments are on time, your net worth could fluctuate between positive and negative values for periods. Means and medians aside, staying “in the black” means your assets exceed liabilities.

Egan and his wife are avid philanthropists, funding a family foundation and hosting annual fundraising events for Republican women in state legislature. Additionally, they’re patrons of the Boston Pops where Egan chaired their Presidents at the Pops event last year. He’s invested some of his wealth into startups such as KaBloom florists and Zoots dry cleaners; Eden Managed Capital invested $242 million this year alone in high tech/early stage companies; while Egan himself owned more than 5 million shares of Progress Software stock – owned 7000 units as of 9 September 2022!

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