Jack Rutledge

Jack Rutledge

Jack was an innovator, genius, witty raconteur and loving husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather who also ran a successful business venture.

Government-denied reports of the sinking of a German U-boat off Cape Cod in 1944 is the starting point for Kittery, Maine author Jack Rutledge’s debut novel set in Kittery and Maine – one that features intrigue, adventure, and romance!

Early Life and Education

Rutledge was born in Charleston, South Carolina and graduated from law school at Middle Temple Academy in London. Upon returning home he established an acclaimed legal practice before amassing an immense fortune through purchasing plantations properties and cultivating slaves.

Rutledge served as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention and held various positions within the provincial assembly. When war with Britain erupted, he took an indirect stance by chairing a committee dedicated to southern interests at the convention.

He was an exceptional story teller and often recounted stories from his time coaching alongside Bryant at Alabama. Additionally, he was very generous with both his time and talent; supporting early-career trainees as they began their careers at UC Davis; this generosity resulted in the establishment of a research funding mechanism at the university which has funded over 70 investigators.

Professional Career

Jack Rutledge participated in both the 1787 Philadelphia Convention which wrote and the South Carolina convention to ratify it, working for National Tube (later U.S. Steel) seamless mills, pipe mill and coke plant for over four decades – also serving as union civil rights chairperson and being an active member of Greater St Matthew’s African Methodist Episcopal Church in Lorain.

He served as Principal Product Manager of Amazon Music’s Catalog technology group and was also involved with several Nashville-based music-tech startups, such as BigData Marketing, Echomusic and Rockhouse Partners.

His interests included riding his motorcycle, attending St. Louis Cardinals games, playing pool and bowling – not to mention being an amazing cook – not forgetting having many Jamaican and St Kitt and Tobago friends as friends!

Achievement and Honors

Jack Rutledge stands out among US Supreme Court Justices as someone who successfully combined achievement and misfortune, creating both national and personal fame despite struggling financially and personal issues that threatened his estate. His early legal career began in Charleston before attending London’s Middle Temple law school for legal education before his recognition at the Constitutional Convention. His rise from famed Constitutional Convention speaker to personal problems threatened to end it all for him.

Rutledge excelled as both an athlete in high school and college basketball and was an outstanding contributor to his university community. At Alabama under legendary coach Paul “Bear” Bryant he played guard on multiple championship teams before going on to serve various coaching and administrative roles at Rutledge Center at the university as well as having scholarships named in his honor for students participating in Rhodes scholarship program.

Personal Life

Jack Rutledge excelled at every facet of life: inventor, entrepreneur, businessman, professor, father and grandfather. He possessed all of the characteristics required for success while remaining an excellent friend to everyone around him.

He tirelessly championed diabetes research. Devoting nearly four decades to patient care, teaching and research at UC Davis; his efforts led to the creation of a chair which has enabled over 70 investigators access early career funding opportunities.

Rutledge played on Bryant’s first Alabama national championship team as an offensive guard and linebacker, leaving behind his wife Norma, two sons Kyle and David, six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Rutledge also owned Tana Manufacturing of California Missouri which manufactured aerial wire markers used by pilots worldwide.

Net Worth

Rutledge is Co-Founder and President of Oxford Realty Corporation, an owner and manager of high-design lifestyle hotels such as Godfrey, LondonHouse Julian SOMA House ALK Garrett as well as food & beverage venues such as Godfrey LondonHouse LondonHouse Julian SOMA House ALK Garrett as well as Oxford Hotels and Resorts LLC (Oxford’s primary hotel operating affiliate) which also has several other affiliates operating subsidiaries since their creation.

Rutledge held several different NFL positions during his professional career, mostly as backup quarterback and kicker holder for three separate teams. Following his playing days were over, he turned his focus toward coaching. Rutledge hails from Birmingham, Alabama. He and Jennifer, his wife of 18 years and mother to their two children; as well as having siblings. Rutledge boasts an enormous social media following on both Twitter and Instagram.

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