Jack Platt

Jack Platt

After the Cold War had concluded, retired CIA case officer Jack Platt established business ties with former KGB members whom he had once opposed – garnering him considerable media coverage in doing so.

His 1997 work Inventions Explained provides an accessible account of essential technology through an historical diary format. According to School Library Journal’s evaluation, it was considered “an essential book for kids.” Platt has also written extensively on union and workplace matters.

Early Life and Education

Platt holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Pepperdine University. Additionally, he is licensed clinical social worker as well as an internationally certified addiction counselor.

Early on in his career, he spent time working in summer stock theater and was also the production designer for Peter Bogdanovich’s films. Additionally, he is one of the founding members of Los Angeles Actors Studio.

As well as his acting career, Platt has written several children’s books. His 1997 work Inventions Explained: A Beginner’s Guide to Technological Breakthroughs provides an in-depth examination of key technological breakthroughs throughout history and how they impacted human life; its publication has earned positive reviews from critics. Platt also created the play Claude Bukowski for Columbia University’s student theatre company and received positive feedback.

Professional Career

Jack Platt served in both the Marine Corps and as an agent with the Central Intelligence Agency, working across multiple continents bringing with it many adventures and experiences. A natural leader, he didn’t tolerate fools easily.

He is the author of traditional nonfiction works such as Everest: Climbing the World’s Highest Peak and Eureka! Great Inventions and How They Occurred.

He is also an actor, having appeared in Broadway shows like The Book of Mormon, Ricki and the Flash and Dear Evan Hansen. Additionally Platt has made appearances in three television series and multiple films; his social media following boasts over 3 million followers on Instagram while his Twitter account boasts over 150,000 tweets to date.

Achievement and Honors

Long a resident of Orange, Texas, Platt leaves behind his mother and six brothers; two close cousins raised with them and numerous nieces and nephews. Unfortunately he was predeceased by his father as well as two other brothers.

After graduating Concordia University in Chicago, Platt began teaching physical education and coaching boys’ varsity basketball at Luther High School North in Chicago before serving as assistant coach under Joey Meyer at DePaul University for six seasons. Later he took over head coaching duties at Charleston Southern University where his teams won multiple tournament championships and made five NCAA tournament appearances under his guidance.

In 1978, veteran CIA case officer Jack Platt met Gennadiy Vasilenko of the KGB and quickly became fixated on turning him into an American spy. Despite attempts from his superiors to discourage such close friendships between Platt and Vasilenko, their relationship flourished nevertheless and led directly to two lengthy prison terms for espionage on Vasilenko’s part.

Personal Life

Platt has worked as a teacher, physical education director and college basketball coach. Additionally, he has written several nonfiction books. According to Elizabeth Stumpf writing for School Library Journal, his book Everest: Reaching the World’s Highest Peak “is packed with information.” Additionally, Eureka!: Great Inventions and How They Came About is highly informative.

After serving in both the Marine Corps and Central Intelligence Agency, Platt became a partner at Hamilton Trading Group before co-founding an international security consultancy with former KGB agent Gennady Vasilenko – whom Platt repeatedly tried to recruit as an American spy but who always rejected his overtures.

Personal Interests in Scuba Diving | Jon Platt In his free time, Jon enjoys skiing and scuba diving as well as volunteering his services with various charities in his community.

Net Worth

Jack Platt is currently estimated to be worth approximately $5 Million dollars and makes most of his fortune as a regular actor on Coronation Street.

Platt is also a skilled stage actor, having appeared in productions such as West Side Story and Oliver!. From 1986-2021 he featured as one of the leads on Casualty on television.

In 2015, he made his Broadway musical debut as Evan Hansen in Dear Evan Hansen and won a Tony Award. It will soon hit cinemas this autumn.

Ben Platt is one of Hollywood’s premier talents and his impressive career has certainly helped him amass an impressive fortune. Best known for his recurring role as Benji in Pitch Perfect and its sequel as well as roles on Married to the Mob, Huff, and The Politician; Ben is truly a versatile individual and master of many crafts.

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