Jack Nathan

Jack Nathan

Jack Nathan Medical Corp operates as a healthcare network with medical clinics conveniently located within Walmart stores, providing family and urgent care medical services as well as specialty programs and paramedical services.

Jack Nathan died unexpectedly at 19 in 2020 at University of Denver. To honor their son’s memory, David and Sharon Nathan created Happy Jack Clothing Line as a way to remember and pay their respects.

Early Life and Education

Once back on the radio, he quickly returned to playing regular gigs in both Churchill’s Club and in Music While You Work series on radio, as well as appearing several times in Piano Playtime programme.

Nathan designed his own T-shirts and apparel, with part of proceeds benefitting mental health advocacy groups. Nathan’s parents and friends continue the business in memory of Nathan while helping others.

Jack Bucksbaum recalls Jack as an ambitious individual who never let anything get in his way. His passion for art could be seen through his paintings, which showed off his commitment to new heights of artistic expression. An entrepreneur at heart who enjoyed teaching others, Jack was an active member of DU’s Future Teachers Education Association (FTEA).

Professional Career

Jack Nathan has built his career on hard work and commitment. He believes in investing in himself, constantly expanding his knowledge base, and forging strong professional networks – with special emphasis placed upon delegation and prioritization as essential tools in managing life effectively.

He employs his superior communication skills to conduct sales presentations that operate in a consultative fashion, following scripts to overcome objections if necessary and working towards fulfilling company goals and expectations. Furthermore, he promotes healthy living and well-being; regularly attending yoga classes as well as eating a well-balanced diet consisting of vegetables, fruits, protein and complex carbs along with getting enough rest each night.

Achievement and Honors

Nathan was a creative and ambitious kid with a deep desire to help others. He was particularly driven to raise awareness around mental health issues, hoping to show others it’s okay to struggle. Nathan developed close bonds with both friends and loved ones alike, each drawing having special significance behind it.

Following his death, Bradi Harrison and David Nathan as well as Delseni have continued his work. They’ve donated thousands to organizations such as Child Mind Institute, Active Minds and Release Recovery as well as setting up an online community called Speak Out for Mental Health with ongoing releases of designs to raise awareness of anxiety. Visit their website to find out more and purchase T-shirts!

Personal Life

Entrepreneur and writer. His first book “Different” shared his personal account of being nuerodivergent and offered insights and perspectives into his experiences with being different.

Nathan was a dedicated friend and family man. Though struggling with anxiety and depression, he found relief through creating clothing and visual art. This even inspired the creation of his clothing line Happy Jack as a reminder for others that they were not alone in their struggles.

His brother, Connor Kogen, is striving to honor Nathan’s memory by continuing his business and contributing to Mental Health Awareness Gallery. A portion of proceeds from sales is then donated to Child Mind Institute and Active Minds — two organizations Nathan supported during his life.

Net Worth

Entrepreneur Jeff Garza boasts a net worth of $5 Million thanks to his successful music career and collaborations with other high-profile artists.

Nathan has won numerous awards and nominations throughout his career, earning himself a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame as well as becoming an invaluable fan favorite.

After Jack passed, his mother Bradi Harrison and father David took over his apparel company that featured his designs on T-shirts, hoodies, and other streetwear, with proceeds going toward mental health charities such as Child Mind Institute and Active Minds. Jack was passionate about using his platform for good; encouraging fans to follow in his footsteps while partnering with Feeding America during COVID-19 relief efforts.

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