Jack Hennessey

Jack Hennessey – Senior Managing Director, Central Region, For Link Logistics

Hennessey serves as Senior Managing Director, Central Region for Link Logistics. In this position he oversees operational performance such as leasing and property operations of an expansive 186 million-square-foot portfolio.

Hennessey is well-known for his charitable activities and supports arts and education through various foundations and funds. Additionally, Hennessey serves on several public company boards including Alphabet Inc, which owns Google.

Early Life and Education

Hennessey enjoys racing his modified early 1990s Mitsubishi 3000 GT at popular race tracks like Pikes Peak and The Bonneville Salt Flats – it gave him his initial taste of success on the car scene!

Hennessey earned letters on West Point’s football, basketball and baseball teams during World War II; his 1944 team went undefeated despite travel restrictions that prevented them from making post-season playoffs.

Cavanaugh notes Hennessey has worked in school transportation for 30 years, specializing in scheduling, dispatch and routing services. She praises His “deep understanding of Tier and Fleet Schedules is amazing”, noting “He always sees the whole picture and is available to assist others”. In Minnesota and Georgia alone he visited districts to assist with maintenance facility options or in-housing bus operations operations according to Cavanaugh.

Professional Career

Hennessey serves as Senior Managing Director of Link Logistics’ Central Region and oversees a portfolio that encompasses over 186-million square feet. In addition, Hennessey holds a master’s degree in business and frequently speaks on leadership matters.

Hennessey is an adept salesperson due to his reassuring conversational style and Texas good-ol’-boy attitude, making him a natural salesperson. His “howyewdoin'” demeanor puts customers at ease and inspires confidence that they will receive quality and value when purchasing from Hennessey.

Hennessey has served on the boards of various companies and nonprofits, often in leadership positions. He published a book titled Leading Matters: Lessons Learned From My Journey about leadership principles he learned throughout his journey. At home in Wichita, Kansas with his wife and Wirehaired Vizsla dog he enjoys hunting and outdoor recreation – disciplines and patriotism learned during his military service was crucial in molding him as an individual and leader.

Achievement and Honors

Hennessy made significant changes during his sixteen-year presidency of Stanford. He changed its buildings, campus culture and research profile while encouraging inter-disciplinary studies and strengthening arts programs. He also advocated for world-class performance spaces on campus – responding to Itzhak Perlman’s assessment that Stanford was “an amazing institution with terrible performances”.

Hennessey pioneered computer architecture and helped translate its technologies to industry by cofounding MIPS Computer Systems in 1984. Additionally, Hennessey has won multiple awards and received many honors throughout his career.

Hennessey has also been recognized for his dedication to school bus transportation. School Bus Fleet named Hennessey its Administrator of the Year for 2019. LegiStorm Pro subscribers can view Hennessey’s legislative history – click here to discover more or subscribe.

Personal Life

Hennessey is a tireless philanthropist, supporting arts, education and animal rights. Additionally, he has donated to several charities in America – including making a gift in memory of Charlie to the New Hampshire Humane Society.

Hennessey continues to work with school districts across Minnesota and Georgia to assist in managing their bus routes and is frequently on the move, visiting different systems and offering his advice. Hennessey has assisted district administrators in both states to get tiered schedules back on track.

Hennessey first found success in the automotive world through racing a modified Mitsubishi 3000 GT at Pikes Peak and The Bonneville Salt Flats. These successes stoked his passion for fast and enjoyable vehicles while giving him confidence to pursue his goal of becoming one of the leading vehicle tuners and builders worldwide.

Net Worth

Hennessey has achieved financial success through careful investing and smart business decisions, becoming a multi-millionaire through hard work alone. His success serves as an inspiration to other aspiring entrepreneurs that hard work pays off.

Hennessey Performance Engineering (HPE) pumped unbelievable levels of power into Dodge Vipers, Corvettes and more through their company Hennessey Performance Engineering (HPE). HPE also created the Venom GT, currently the world’s fastest production car. However, Hennessey endured allegations against his tuning business being fraudulent for many years.

Hennessey has since claimed to have settled all such disputes; yet the claims remain present on internet comment sections and forums.

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