Jack Hanna

Jack Hanna

Jack Hanna retired from public life after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Now living in Montana with his wife Suzi and taking long hikes along river trails together.

Jack Hanna is known for hosting various television programs such as ‘Monkeys on the Interstate’ and ‘Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures’ as well as writing several books.

Early Life and Education

Jack Hanna joined the Columbus Zoo as Director at a time when its facilities were in poor condition with low footfall and dilapidated animal habitats, low attendance levels, and dilapidated animal habitats. To revive these facilities, he designed educational & entertainment events, increased attendance significantly, launched television show Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures which became highly rated, and later created another one called Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild which won five Daytime Emmy awards over 13 seasons.

Jack was an extremely passionate animal lover, dedicated to wildlife conservation and dedicated to informing others about animal issues. His tireless work in this arena had a lasting effect. Additionally, Jack wrote several books and served as board member or ambassador for numerous international wildlife conservation organizations and charities.

Professional Career

Jack Hanna became famous due to his friendly manner and entertaining way of showing animals, leading him to host multiple syndicated shows including: Animal Adventures with Jack Hanna; ZooLife with Jack Hanna and Into the Wild by Jack Hanna.

He has appeared with his animal ambassadors on shows such as Anderson Cooper 360 Degree, Piers Morgan Tonight, Ellen DeGeneres Show Hollywood Squares & Maury Show as a wildlife correspondent.

He sits on the board of directors for the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, as well as supporting conservation initiatives such as Save the Elephants, Cheetah Conservation Fund & Rolling Dog Farm. In 2020, he was diagnosed with dementia & decided to retire from public life; nevertheless he continues to maintain large followings on both twitter and facebook pages.

Personal Life

Jack Hanna retired from Columbus Zoo and Aquarium after 25 years, moving to Montana with his wife Suzi and family members where he now resides, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

He has appeared as a guest on various talk shows such as Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees, Piers Morgan Tonight & The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Additionally he starred alongside exotic animals in Neal McCoy’s 2005 music video of Billy’s Got His Beer Goggles On by Neal McCoy.

He is an animal advocate and has made significant contributions to several conservation projects, serving on the boards of ‘Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund’ & Partners in Conservation as well as Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project and receiving honorary doctorates from Muskingum University, Otterbein College, Capital University & Ohio University.

Net Worth

Hanna has earned himself a distinguished career in animal studies and conservation projects over his long professional life, writing several books and appearing frequently on television as one of America’s premier animal experts. Hanna continues to influence lives long into the future as his legacy inspires future generations of audiences worldwide.

He is widely recognized for his charitable endeavors and works closely with various animal organizations. When not working or volunteering, he enjoys going camping trips with family and pets.

He currently suffers from advanced Alzheimer’s disease and according to his wife Suzi Egli he doesn’t remember any of their children; however, he recognizes his beloved pet Brassy! Continue checking this space for updates regarding Jack_janna’s net worth and salary!

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