Jack Grass

Jack Grass – The Entrepreneur Behind Grassperson Lawn Care & Landscape

Jack’s New Grass is Triad’s go-to choice for outdoor power equipment sales and repairs, offering all makes and models of mowers with technicians available to answer any queries you might have.

Many factors contribute to unsynchronized dormancy of warm season grasses, leading to strange stripe patterns resembling those seen on zebra or tiger stripes in some lawns but not others. While it’s normal, these lines might only appear in certain places.

Early Life and Education

Jack enjoyed growing up in Noble County and taking full advantage of all the opportunities it provided him. He worked both before and after school hours at Sorgenfrei’s grocery store as well as at his local cemetery, mow grass to put food on the table for others – an ethos which would remain with him throughout his life.

Following his graduation from Auburn University, he received a Navy commission and served onboard USS Wasp sailing around the globe before eventually joining Esso Standard Oil of Louisiana’s Baton Rouge office as a sales executive.

In 1978, Jack answered an ad for a zoo director position in Columbus, Ohio and worked hard to increase attendance and improve animal habitats. Jack also taught full time at Gryphon Stringed Instruments where he offered banjo, mandolin and fiddle lessons; many of his students are part of the Bay and Peninsula jam scene today.

Professional Career

Jack Moore spent three decades working in corporate America. Tired of spending all his time sitting behind desks and traveling on airplanes, in 2017 he made a drastic change and purchased Grassperson Lawn Care & Landscape of Lewisville Texas.

At GEICO, White Mountains and other companies he was well known for his expertise in both insurance and business in general. He advocated strongly for maintaining adequate loss reserves as well as rewarding management teams that produced outstanding results.

Jack was active in community affairs and charitable work during his time with the company, championing arts events while supporting several local events. Alongside Maxine, they were both active members of Noble County community; visiting parks together as well as playing golf together.

Achievement and Honors

He made significant aircraft modernization contributions during his Army service that helped advance military aviation and force projection into the 21st century. Furthermore, he contributed significantly to developing Lexington Blue Grass Army Depot which later served as a model for Army aviation depots nationwide.

Jack used his union position in Sydney during the 1960s and 70s to galvanize a movement for building industry reform, as well as protect heritage properties from bulldozers. He coined the phrase ‘Green Bans” to reflect his belief that our society must accept responsibility for managing environmental resources both urban and rural alike.

Jack Harrell has demonstrated his dedication to Florida Turfgrass Association and the industry through financial contributions, providing education programs to his members, and representing their interests with government bodies – thus earning himself the Wreath of Grass award.

Personal Life

Jack grew up in a household that prioritized education. His parents frequently required him to study for hours at a time; as such, he rarely participated in extracurricular activities or socialized with his peers. Today he’s knowledgeable in multiple subject areas and understands the significance of staying up-to-date on trends and legislation.

Jack is also an established writer. He serves as editor and publisher for ONTHEBUS, an international literary journal which has received multiple grants, as well as publishing 24 collections of poetry that bridge pop culture and philosophy.

He enjoys hiking and kayaking in his free time, as well as spending time with his three children and five grandchildren.

Net Worth

He has amassed significant funds through music sales and record label deals. Furthermore, his videos on social media showcasing various physical stunts like trampoline flips have amassed him an enormous following online.

He is one half of Tenacious D, alongside brother Kyle Grass, and has won multiple awards for their music. Additionally, they’ve appeared in multiple television shows and films.

He owns numerous vehicles and loves expensive watches and sneakers. He practices wise spending, becoming an early and major philanthropist by raising millions for Louisville-area nonprofits and HBCUs while investing in real estate properties himself.

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