Jack Gagliard

Jack Gagliard

Jack Gagliard was an American politician who served in the Colorado House of Representatives from 2006 to 2012. As part of her term in office, she sponsored eight bills before the legislature while also serving on two legislative committees as vice chair.

She successfully sponsored legislation that provides medical professionals with assistance for student loan repayment, which was later signed into law. She also sponsored measures to revise property tax collection methods and establish a state health services corps program.

Early Life and Education

Jack Gagliard was born on December 1996 and currently resides at 143 Prospect Street in Marshfield MA 02050 for 6 years.

He graduated with honours from the University of Toronto and George Brown College with a diploma in Community Worker studies. Additionally, he studied Homeopathy through Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine as well as becoming certified in Reiki and Live Blood Cell Analysis.

He is an outstanding individual who dedicates himself to everything they do, currently working at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. Always positive and upbeat, he serves as an incredible role model to others – making sure they experience successful rehabilitation outcomes.

Professional Career

Gagliardi participated in community activities during her term in office as a legislator, including serving on accountability committees at Vanderhoof Elementary, Drake Middle School, and Arvada High School; Spirit of Christ Catholic Church; and Arvada Chamber of Commerce Advisory Board.

She served as vice-chair for two legislative committees in Colorado from 2009 to 2010 during their General Assembly session, acting as primary sponsor on bills introduced both House and Senate and co-sponsoring many more bills as a co-sponsor.

She held town-hall style meetings in her district regarding jobs legislation, alternative education and apprenticeship programs, national economy issues, state services issues and education-related topics; twice monthly constituent coffee meetings were also hosted in Arvada for constituents to connect. Additionally, she personally responded to all constituent inquiries via email inquiries.

Achievement and Honors

Gagliardi boasts an impressive list of legislative achievements. She successfully sponsored seven bills during 2008 session with many co-sponsors; furthermore, she organized town hall style meetings in her district on topics relevant to them.

She has also served on multiple boards and committees in her community, such as Vanderhoof Elementary School’s accountability committee, Drake Middle School parent advisory committee and Arvada High School Boosters. Additionally, she was actively engaged with education policy as a member of Colorado Association of School Boards as well as Arvada Northwest Business and Professional Women’s Committee.

Gagliardi received the Charlene Hill Ricciardi Alumni Service Award at Southern Connecticut State University in 2011. This award recognizes graduates who have shown outstanding leadership and commitment to service in both their communities and professions.

Personal Life

Galardi has maintained residences in both Las Vegas and a series of Florida beach cities throughout her time with Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, yet remains upbeat and hopeful about its recovery process. Despite setbacks, she remains optimistic in regard to his recovery efforts.

After graduating, Galardi started as a nurse at Emmetsburg Community Hospital in Iowa before earning her LPN degree and beginning her career with Kaiser Permanente and joining Service Employees International Union Local 105 as both health care worker and union steward.

Gagliardi served on multiple political campaigns, including Gail Schoettler’s gubernatorial run for governor. Later, she assisted Denver and Arvada city council races as well as state legislative races. Furthermore, she served on the Colorado Senate Business Affairs and Labor Committee where she sponsored health care bills, sunset reviews and co-sponsored other measures.

Net Worth

He’s made waves in dog food and sporting goods markets, now looking to shake up beverage production as co-founder of convenience store chain Alimentation Couche-Tard with a net worth estimated at over $3.9 billion.

Provigo was established by Richard Provigo in the late 1970s and quickly expanded into one of the world’s leading convenience store companies with over 12,500 locations worldwide – it serves as the parent company to Circle K and On The Run chains.

Gagliardi served as volunteer campaign manager for Gail Schoettler’s gubernatorial run in 1998 and participated in Denver and Arvada city council races. Additionally, she owns part of Trinidad bar where Nevada property tax records indicate she and her husband jointly hold both liquor licenses and restricted gaming permits.

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