Jack Freese

Jack Freese

Jack Freese, a junior who recently joined Core Volleyball Club, has quickly advanced his game. His strong presence on the block complements his excellent offense.

Surviving are his wife, Theresa of Raymond; three sons and their wives; five grandchildren; six sisters with their husbands and various nieces and nephews.

Early Life and Education

His family remembers him as being an active, joyful individual who took pleasure in exploring nature and travel, enjoying both sailing and aviation as ways of adventure. He deeply loved his grandchildren and was active within Stella United Methodist in Longview.

He began his musical career as a drummer for The Vandals, part of an early 1990s wave of pop punk bands. Additionally, he performed with A Perfect Circle and then the Foo Fighters.

Freese first became involved with NIN in 2005 when Josh Dillon needed time off due to health reasons and needed someone in his place temporarily. Freese filled in for some shows before officially becoming their drummer; an album was then released with Freese being listed among its co-writers alongside Howerdel and Carapetis.

Professional Career

As a young boy, Freese helped out at his father’s engineering firm; this volunteer work continued into high school. Additionally, he performed with local punk bands and recorded drum parts on albums for 311 and A Perfect Circle.

Steel FC have kept him as a regular reserve since February and have even invited him to attend United States Under-19 camps and train alongside Manchester United reserves for some training sessions in February.

Meeting the most expensive transfer in soccer history and enjoying lunch with fiery manager Jose Mourinho were highlight moments for Freese. But what really mattered was Harvard and his academic journey ahead – that is why he stayed committed.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Freese is an integral member of punk rock band The Vandals. He has appeared on all their albums except 2000’s Look What I Almost Stepped In… and as well has served as session drummer for musicians including Mike Ness, Avenged Sevenfold, Lana Del Rey as well as Danny Elfman from 100 Gecs.

Freese has also proven himself active in farming. He raises sheep, swine and Brown Swiss dairy cattle – winning awards for them – is also active as a 4-H leader and church council member while hunting and fishing in Iowa on his family farm near Monticello where he has won numerous state and national competitions in these disciplines.

Personal Life

Jack Freese is married and is blessed with one daughter and two sons: Brett Freese lives with his wife Leona Sween in Sauk Centre, Minnesota; while Mike lives with Brigit in Pipestone. Jack also has three grandsons: Macy Dusanek is married to Kerri; Gavin King lives with Naomi; Lauren Craighton has Matt as her partner; as well as two great-granddaughters named Jada and Ava Dusanek – three grandsons for his three sons alone!

Since 1991, he has served as a session drummer for various artists, touring with various groups and playing drums on albums by Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson and Rascal Flatts among many others. Notable albums where his skills were utilized include Bruce Springsteen’s High Hopes; Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream; Stronger from Kelly Clarkson and Rascal Flatts respectively as well as Rewind by Rascal Flatts and Ashes Divide’s Thirteenth Step release released 2008. Additionally he performed with Dave Grohl’s Foo Fighters on numerous occasions as well as playing their Rewind on tours since 2022!

Net Worth

Josh Freese is an American musician and drummer renowned for his extraordinary talent and diverse collaborations in music. Over his long and distinguished career he has amassed an impressive net worth and stands to become a legendary figure of rock music.

His unparalleled musical versatility has enabled him to seamlessly span genres, explore uncharted territory and leave an indelible mark on the music scene. Through honed skills and pushing creative limits he has become one of the most in-demand collaborators among today’s most esteemed artists.

Freese is happily married to Tricia, and together they have two children. He enjoys the great outdoors as a hobby and spending time with both his family and friends.

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