Jack Extensions

How to Use Jack Extensions Safely

Jacks are essential tools for any DIYer, yet using one safely is an art in its own right.

A jack extension helps spread out the force of the ram over a larger surface area for safer and more powerful lifting action, while protecting vehicles being lifted at the same time. A jack pad may also offer added protection to both parties involved.

These extensions are specifically designed to work with MARTINS floor jacks. Their tops feature machined-in jack points to connect seamlessly with MARTINS’ floor jacks, and they should fit on most 6-ton bottle jacks with an approximate 1.25″ ram diameter.

Early Life and Education

Early brain development between birth and age eight is of tremendous significance for learning and emotional wellbeing, according to UNESCO. Early childhood education should be seen as one of the key investments a country can make as it promotes holistic development, gender equality and social cohesion.

Jack graduated from Rowan University in New Jersey with a B.S. in Accounting and Finance in 1993, earning himself certification as a Certified Financial PlannerTM practitioner. Now living in Villanova, Pennsylvania with his wife and son, he serves on both the Barnes Foundation’s Professional Advisors’ Committee and Investment Committee while also sitting on their board of trustees as well as Early LIFE early childhood educational program committees.

Professional Career

Jack has spent 20+ years honing his investment skills over his 20-plus year career as a certified financial planner, working at leading brokerages such as Kidder Peabody and First Union before joining JPMorgan to add unique differentiating capabilities to their high-quality research and fortress balance sheet.

He has also been active in land reclamation. Through his efforts he recognized the need for professional organizations and assisted in founding the Canadian Land Reclamation Association (CLRA).

Outside his professional life, he enjoys competitive sports and music immensely. Additionally, his strong desire to build genuine relationships and continually learn from others motivates him. Furthermore, he remains active within his community by hiking and skiing the mountains for recreation.

Personal Life

Jack loved socializing and had many diverse interests. At our weekly meetings, he would often talk about a life-altering transformation he experienced after reading Skinner’s Science and Human Behavior (SHB; 1953).

He arrived to work every morning promptly and kept detailed notes so he wouldn’t miss any department meetings, appointments with students or social engagements.

He was an avid reader who particularly appreciated biographies, history, and documentaries. Robert K. Tanenbaum’s Butch Karp and Marlene Ciampi mystery novels were particularly captivating to him; he read all their novels in quick succession to stay abreast of any developments with these fictional detectives’ lives. Additionally, he was active within his community by serving on multiple boards in Philadelphia area.

Net Worth

Jack uses his vast expertise to help clients build wealth, protect assets and generate investment income. His approach involves helping clients responsibly increase and protect their funds while reaching the retirement income goals that have been established for themselves. He provides financial advisory services to high-net-worth individuals through Merrill Lynch’s Personal Investment Advisory (PIA) program, serving individuals who possess significant net worths as clients. Net worth measures an individual or entity’s economic standing by subtracting their assets from liabilities; its purpose is to monitor an individual’s saving and spending habits as well as to inform lenders’ loan decision processes; it also gives lenders an idea of whether an individual is prepared financially for significant milestones like retirement.

Definition: Assets that contribute to net worth include investments, home(s), vehicles and various bank accounts; while liabilities comprise debt obligations and any financial commitments owed.

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