Jack Emmer

Jack Emmer

Emmer has amassed an impressive resume in sports. When he retired as the Army Lacrosse Coach in 2005 as NCAA All-Time Winningest Mentor (326 victories).

Minnesota Republican Paul Sorenson credits his experience as a sports coach for teaching him teamwork and leadership principles that translate to his new role in Congress.

Early Life and Education

Jack Emmer was raised in Mineola, New York and graduated from Rutgers University with letters in both football and lacrosse. On lacrosse field he earned all-american status before making an appearance in North-South Senior All-Star Game at completion of playing career in 1967.

Emmer began his coaching career at SUNY Cortland in 1970 and quickly made the program one of the nation’s powerhouses – reaching the national semifinals three times under his guidance. Later he became coach at Washington and Lee University, leading his teams to national ranking on 10 occasions.

Emmer was known for taking bold coaching moves that stretched his players beyond what had become expected and conventional practices in college lacrosse, ultimately helping win games while shaping its development. These unique strategies proved pivotal to winning games while simultaneously shaping it.

Professional Career

Emmer has extensive information technology and business continuity management experience across a variety of industries including consulting, insurance, high tech and financial services. His background lies in engineering and architecture with an in-depth knowledge of technology-related processes.

No other coach in Division I history can match his achievement of coaching 500 career games at any one division level, beginning his coaching career at SUNY Cortland where his Red Dragons became national powerhouses within three seasons, before moving onto Washington and Lee, leading them to 10 NCAA Tournament appearances in 11 seasons!

He challenged the boundaries of sport through innovative coaching moves such as the Armadillo, an off-court stunt that forced opponents far outside accepted play patterns. Now leading a new Republican team in Congress with many different viewpoints and personalities to deal with, his experience as an innovator serves him well in dealing with many personalities on his team.

Achievement and Honors

Emmer accumulated 326 wins during his 36-year college lacrosse coaching career and led three different teams to NCAA semifinal appearances. Additionally, he guided Team USA’s 2002 men’s national team to a gold medal at the International Lacrosse Federation World Championship.

After his coaching career ended, he continued his involvement in education by serving as president of Ridgway Teachers’ Association and serving on Pennsylvania’s state board of education.

He was honored with induction into the Long Island, Hudson Valley and Virginia Chapters of the United States Lacrosse Hall of Fame; was named Patriot League Coach of the Year twice; served on both tours of NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Rules Committee; was an active member of American Physical Society;

Personal Life

Emmer quickly established himself in Minnesota politics after an initial rough patch and has quickly become one of its key figures, emerging as the top Republican on the House Financial Services Committee and championing bipartisan legislation regarding mental health while building relationships with Democratic members of Minnesota delegation.

As opposed to Michele Bachmann, who often used her own political missteps as fodder for opponents in subsequent campaigns, Emmer has kept quiet and focused on policy. He has not advocated far-right ideas such as chemically castrating same-sex offenders or questioning evolution.

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Net Worth

Emmer is currently estimated to be worth a net worth of $1.5 Million and lives with his two daughters in Wayzata, Minnesota. He stands 5ft 7inches with an average weight and height; currently in his late thirties with an excellent sense of humor who also enjoys playing hockey.

Emmer is a Republican representative from Wright County in Minnesota and currently represents the 6th congressional district there. Prior to being elected into Congress, Emmer served as head coach of Army Black Knights men’s lacrosse program for 22 seasons; posting an impressive 186-131 record over this time. A member of Freedom Caucus, Emmer is strongly against Obamacare and abortion while supporting Second Amendment rights and military spending – as well as being an advocate of border security measures.

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