Jack Burnett

Jack Burnett

Jack Burnett is currently studying Food Science at Laurentian University and conducting his master’s thesis research on Listeria monocytogenes in retail produce environments; an area in which he has become an authority.

Mr. Burnett was found guilty on Counts 1 and 3 of the Indictment, which charged him with conspiring to operate an unlawful bingo operation and filing false income tax returns. He appealed his convictions on these counts.

Early Life and Education

At University of Wyoming and Montana he earned both Bachelors of Science and Laws. Specializing in Taxation Law, Wills, and Trusts Law; he was admitted to the bar in 1950.

Jack Burnett at Diversey’s duties at Diversey include developing and managing training materials, fielding questions from customers and account managers, conducting field tests and validations, supporting industry associations, as well as working on special projects ad-hoc. He works closely with food safety specialists and microbiology experts.

Jack Burnett leaves behind his wife Emma Overman Burnett; daughters and sons-in-law Brenda and Fredric Powell from South Boston; Barbara Ascher from Emerson; Jody Burnett and Jack Burnett from Athens; four grandchildren; two siblings-in-law; as well as memorial donations made in his name to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital or Mission Missouri Esther House for women recovering in Sikeston.

Professional Career

Jack Burnett serves as Managing Editor for The Old Farmer’s Almanac and its related publications, such as Garden Guide, Almanac for Kids, calendars, etc. Since 1974 he has also written numerous bylined and unbylined articles for these publications as well as books and magazines.

Jack serves as Diversey’s North American Technical Consulting Manager for retail, food service and hospitality industries. His duties include developing training materials, fielding questions from customers and team members, conducting field tests and validations and supporting brand initiatives via industry associations or special projects that support sales or internal initiatives. Jack is an accomplished food safety and sanitation product expert; having conducted over 10,000 longitudinal environmental swabbing projects to study Listeria monocytogenes levels within grocery stores.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Burnett is an accomplished filmmaker who has directed multiple feature films. Additionally, he has worked on television shows and documentaries. At present, Jack is working on a biopic about Civil War hero Robert Smalls.

Burnett has not only directed, but she has also taken to performing onstage. Her critically-acclaimed performance in 1979’s Friendly Fire earned her an Emmy nomination. Additionally, she can be found appearing in other projects such as Mama’s Family and Fresno miniseries.

Burnett initially expressed some reservations about enrolling in Laurentian University’s SPAD program; however, due to its reputation and curriculum he decided that Laurentian was his top choice. Since joining Laurentian three years ago he has been a key member of Honors Symposium team; thanks to his leadership and commitment he has earned multiple awards and recognition for this work.

Personal Life

Jack Burnett is a second generation funeral director and co-owner of Amick-Burnett Funeral Chapel in Chaffee. In business for 47 years, he also worked in government under Joe Clark and Brian Mulroney as Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury Board and Minister of State (Multiculturalism).

Oscar Isaac made his cinematic debut alongside the Coen brothers with Inside Llewyn Davis, an examination of New York City’s folk music scene during the 1960s. Oscar Isaac plays a folk singer struggling to find himself.

Jack will be greatly missed and remembered fondly by his loved ones, especially Cindy who has been such an integral force of strength and joy in their lives.

Net Worth

Jason Burnett amassed significant wealth through his professional trampoline gymnastic career. He received many accolades and awards for his talents on the trampoline mat, earning an estimated net worth of $3 Million to $5 Million.

Burnett co-founded Urban Profile with Keith Clinkscales in 1988, before selling it to Career Communications in 1992 for $15 Million. Later he helped to found Vibe magazine as well as being active in philanthropy.

He has donated millions of dollars to various projects and hospitals across Canada. As an established businessman, he owns a significant stake in EL Financial Corporation holding company that trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange; is major shareholder in several other firms like Marbles and Cardinal Industries; is the heir of Etch-A-Sketch brand;

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