Jack Agnew

Jack Agnew

At 5, Jack Agnew moved with his family from Ireland to America and eventually joined the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War Two as part of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of 101st Airborne Division; known as “The Filthy Thirteen,” this unit provided demolition and sabotage operations and later inspired a 1967 film called The Dirty Dozen.

Early Life and Education

Private Jack Agnew became famous during World War Two for his service in a legendary unit: 3rd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment 101st Airborne Division as members were experts at demolition and sabotage work – hence their hard-drinking ways that inspired novel and movie “The Dirty Dozen.”

Agnew spent most of his career coaching and managing baseball teams from T-ball through semi-pro leagues, American Legion ball, Midway Little League and even his own field in Middleway named after him.

Redefining geopolitics on an intellectual basis was his trademark achievement; his 1998 book Geopolitics helped popularize it in Anglo-American contexts and his more recent work Globalization and Sovereignty Regimes (2009) further developed this viewpoint.

Professional Career

Family business developed into a large beverage distributor and also owns premium timberland in the Pacific Northwest. They merged with one of their primary competitors and now own one of the West’s largest beverage distribution businesses.

He participated in the inaugural Philanthropic Advisor Leadership Institute class and is an active member of numerous professional associations such as Atlanta Tax Forum, Financial Planning Association, Vistage and Georgia Society of Certified Public Accountants – with whom he actively participates in Estate Tax Committee activities of AICPA.

Dan Agnew is a member of the Washington Horse Breeders Association (WHBA), having bred horses for more than three decades. Bouncing Kim, son of Flying Paster out of stakes-winning Staff Writer mare Twice Written became the top seller at his 1989 sale with winnings topping $100,000!

Achievement and Honors

Jack Agnew was part of the Pathfinders who parachuted into Bastogne during World War II to operate a beacon beacon for planes delivering supplies, becoming known as The Filthy Thirteen unit and later inspiring both novel and film adaptation of “The Dirty Dozen.”

He was an expert on globalization and sovereignty regimes, having written extensively in this field; including two books – Geopolitics (first published in 1998 and later revised and republished in 2005) and Governing Space (published 2009 and later updated 2019).

He also dedicated many years of volunteer service for baseball in Delaware, serving as coach and manager in both Wilmington Semi-Pro League and American Legion ball, founding Midway Little League in 1983 and playing an instrumental role in developing its complex which now comprises five fields.

Personal Life

Jack Agnew was an integral part of both CHAMP and PLAYSAFE programs throughout his life, believing amputees should lead normal lives. His contributions were essential in their success. We will miss him dearly.

World War II saw him serve in the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, also known as “The Filthy Thirteen.” Their task on D-Day was to destroy a bridge near Normandy while engaging in drunken brawls and fights; their story inspired a 1967 film called “The Dirty Dozen”, featuring Lee Marvin among other notable actors.

He was born in Bonham, Texas, and passed away in Merritt Island, Florida. He leaves behind his wife, two daughters, nine grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

Net Worth

What Is Jack Agnew’s Net Worth? According to current estimates, Jack Agnew has an estimated net worth of approximately 88 Million Dollars as of 2022 and lives in a 40 year old stone home located in Bethesda Maryland.

Agnew had long been accused of taking kickbacks from contractors for government contracts; these payments continued into his term as vice president and contributed to his downfall in 1973.

Though his status fell drastically after leaving politics, he has managed to remain a modest presence throughout his life. He has published books on various subjects including geopolitics – which won a Choice Outstanding Academic Title award – globalization and sovereignty regimes; two memoirs.

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