Ishua Benjamin

Ishua Benjamin

Ishua Benjamin is hoping to establish himself in the USBL as an avenue into the NBA next season, where he hopes to play.

Named Yehoshua in Hebrew Scriptures and sometimes just Yeshua as its contracted form, Jesus appears several times throughout the Hebrew Bible.

Early Life and Education

Ishua Benjamin of North Carolina State aspires to the NBA. As a sophomore point guard he creates scoring opportunities for teammates while playing tough defense – the Ultimate Bowl League being his stepping stone towards making his dream of joining the league come true.

Born and educated at Leesville Road High School in Concord, North Carolina. After playing college and professional basketball for North Carolina State, Malik and Jalen both play basketball for Mount St Mary’s University in Maryland.

Named Ishua in Hebrew, its spelling can be reduced further to Yehoshua or to Jesus ben Sirach; both forms can also be seen in modern translations of the Jewish Bible and English versions. Galilean Jews prefer this reduced form for various reasons and it appears in reference to Yehoshua bin Nun and Jesus ben Sirach respectively in their Bible as well as modern English versions.

Professional Career

Benjamin made an impactful mark at NC State, starting every game as a freshman scoring 14.0 points per contest and dishing out 4.6 assists – leading the ACC All-Freshman voting count by garnering enough votes.

Jalen Benjamin may not be his dad’s height, but he can still maneuver past opponents with ease and hit mid-range pull-up jumpers just like his older sibling used to do. Jalen averages 13.1 points and 3.7 assists for Mount St. Mary’s this season and could potentially earn himself a spot in either the USBL or an overseas professional career; already scoring double digits seven times since November 19, including 19 in a win against Robert Morris on November 19.

Achievement and Honors

Ishua Benjamin of Concord, North Carolina was the top prep prospect in his state last year and had many scholarship offers available to him. However, he decided on playing for Coach Les Robinson’s Wolfpack team because of their strong academic values.

He started all games as a freshman and led the ACC in both scoring and assists, earning second-team All-ACC recognition. “Ishua adds much stability and leadership to our team,” explained Robinson who had been coaching a struggling program.

Benjamin has grown tremendously as a point guard at Leesville Road, creating for teammates while stifling defense. He has taken this responsibility seriously and does not wish for comparisons to former Mountaineer Damian Chong Qui, who transferred to Purdue Fort Wayne this offseason.

Personal Life

As well as his career in basketball, Benjamin is also an avid runner and has competed in multiple marathons. Additionally, he enjoys spending time with his family; he’s married to Chanda Wallace with whom he shares three children.

Ishua Benjamin has already made a splash as a freshman at North Carolina State. He leads his team in scoring while being one of the premier defenders in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).

Benjamin grew up idolizing Wolfpack greats like Julius Hodge, Jeremy Hyatt and Damon Thornton – now doing his best to live up to those expectations by leading Mount St. Mary’s to an unbeaten start and delighting his teammates with his defensive ability and knack for finding open men on the court. His teammates appreciate his stifling defense as much as his talent for finding open players on the floor.

Net Worth

As of 2022, Corey Benjamin has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $3 Million as an NBA professional basketball player for the Chicago Bulls from 1998-2001.

He also enjoyed an international career, competing in the Korean Basketball League with Daegu Orions and being part of France’s LNB club Chalonnais.

Though he’s now retired from playing basketball professionally, Stackhouse Elite’s father remains involved with the sport through her daughter who participates in multiple girls’ tournaments and even featured in a viral video as punching her opponent during competition – sparking much debate; however both mother and daughter deny all allegations surrounding this incident.

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