Indianapolis Best Sushi

Indy’s Best Sushi

In the city of Indianapolis, you can find some of the best sushi around. We used Yelp data to find the best sushi in the city. Here are some of our recommendations. Forty Five Degrees: This restaurant, which is centrally located, has received four-star reviews and serves Japanese and sushi for lunch and dinner. There are many options here and the service is excellent.

Sushi Club: Sushi Club offers traditional Japanese cuisine, including sushi rolls. This restaurant serves all-day sushi and uses only the best ingredients. It is also known for its friendly service and affordable prices. You can order a hibachi meal or lunch here.

Sakura: This sushi restaurant is a favorite choice for sushi lovers in the Indianapolis area. You can order online or have lunch at the restaurant. They specialize in authentic Japanese cuisine, offering a variety of seafood, meat, and vegetable options. The staff is friendly, and they focus on quality dishes.

Mikado’s: Another fine Japanese restaurant in Indianapolis, Mikado’s is decorated with Japanese bamboo and grasses. The interiors are decorated in a traditional Japanese style, and the dishes are served on Japanese-style dishes. The menu is extensive, with many specialty rolls to try, such as the Tiger Eye with jalapeno and smoked salmon.

Watami Sushi – Watami Sushi, a sushi restaurant that serves all you can eat in Indianapolis, is located near Pendleton Pike. This is the Indianapolis location, and it is a fan favorite. While the menu isn’t terribly large, it’s colorful and well-presented. The restaurant also serves a variety of other foods, including edamame and chicken wings. You will need to pay an additional fee if you order more sushi than five pieces.

While you’re in the city for business or pleasure, don’t forget to treat yourself to some sushi. You’ll be glad you did. There are some great restaurants in Indianapolis that serve sushi for lunch and dinner, including several on the Mass Avenue strip. For a romantic date or a family outing, the city offers several excellent options.

Watami Sushi is one of the most popular chains in Indianapolis. The restaurant offers a wide range of Japanese dishes. You can also find grilled squid with its house dressing and a variety bento boxes on the menu. It also has a popular lunch menu, which features daily lunch specials.

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