Ihop Mega Monster Cheeseburger

IHOP Mega Monster Cheeseburger Review

The IHOP Mega Monster Cheeseburger is a massive burger in every sense of the word. It boasts an impressive 1190 calories, a whopping 5 grams of trans fat, a whopping 72 grams of saturated fat, and over a day’s worth of sodium. But does the burger really live up to its claims of being the healthiest burger in town? If so, you may want to rethink your lunch plan.

The burger may be the star of the show, but there are a few other high-calorie options to consider. For instance, the Mega Monster Cheeseburger isn’t exactly the best deal. You can get the same burger for only one-tenth the price, or, if you’re willing to go all in, a whopping 360 calories with a side of steak fries. Also, it’s a bit of a mystery how IHOP comes up with its impressive menu. Nevertheless, the company has come up with a few wacky offshoots that make for a great lunch or dinner option, if you know where to look.

While the Mega Monster Cheeseburger is undoubtedly a calorie bomb, there are many more tasty and sassy choices on the menu. In particular, you should be looking out for the “sigil”-named Classic Steakburger, which is a meaty and hearty affair that’s hardly a pig in a poke. Or, if you prefer your burger in a bun, you might want to give the Triple Bacon Burger a try. Otherwise, you might find yourself battling a plethora of overly greasy offerings for your bacon and egg fix.

And while it’s tempting to call the Mega Monster Cheeseburger the king of the burger world, IHOP isn’t exactly a family friendly establishment. That said, the aforementioned Triple Bacon Burger, which is a surprisingly good value, is a great way to satisfy that burger craving without committing to the bigger and badder meats. Other options to consider include the Signature Whiskey-Glazed Burger and the “Mosaic” (aka the “Big Daddy”), both of which are touted as being the most calorie-friendly of the three. There’s also the “Baby’s Breath” (aka the “Baby’s Breath”), which is a bit more challenging to eat in one sitting. Of course, if you’re able to bring a significant other with you, you’ll be rewarded with a much-deserved meal. Ultimately, the Mega Monster Cheeseburger isn’t the king of the burger castle, but it is certainly the king of the burger court. Until you’ve eaten your fill of fatty patties, you might want to consider the perils of the burger road.

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