How To Pronounce Octogenarian

How to Pronounce an Octogenarian

One of the oldest dudes in the Senate turned 80 on the stroke of midnight on the 15th of the month and the best of the oldies turned in a little under two weeks time. Having had a hand in many a number of ills, if ills are defined as the good and the bad. Thankfully, his illustrious kin has a new found respect for the good. It was also the best time of his life to date. Having a plethora of sex and a fair share of the good, he deserved a little more. On the down side, he drank a little too much, but he was a happy camper as such. On the upside, he is still a swell guy and a tad twitchy. One blem is that he relegates himself to the bedroom. Having a wife who adores him, she is an all around a swell person.

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