How Much To Rent Sting’s Villa In Tuscany

Sting’s Villa in Tuscany

Sting’s Villa in Tuscany is an ideal wedding venue. This beautiful estate can accommodate up to 400 guests. It was originally built as a hunting preserve for the Florentine nobility. The property has been restored by Sting and Trudie Styler. Today, it is a luxury rental property available for hire.

A short drive from Florence, il Palagio Estate offers a variety of indoor and outdoor venues for parties and special occasions. Guests can host a wine tasting or yoga class at the wine cellar, relax by the pool, or have a private concert at the recording studio. Food at the estate is produced by the owners, who produce bio-dynamic wines and honey. Guests can choose from a number of local products, including fresh vegetables and locally sourced salami.

In addition to hosting weddings, il Palagio can be rented for a range of other events. The estate is also home to six cottages, which can hold up to 50 guests. They are all equipped with en-suite bathrooms. There are six guesthouses on the estate that are all available for rent. Each house can be booked with a minimum of four nights. Whether you are planning a family reunion or a private event, il Palagio is an ideal location.

In the late 1990s, Sting and Trudie Styler fell in love with Italy. They started looking for a home in the Tuscan countryside. Eventually, they found the property that they had been looking for. Previously owned by a Duke, the villa was in disrepair. But Trudie and Sting were determined to restore the property to its former glory. Using landscape architect Arabella Lennox-Boyd, they transformed the estate into a sustainable sanctuary.

With their newfound passion for sustainability, Sting and Trudie began to re-imagine their villa. Today, the estate is filled with beehives and olive groves, and a working farm. Moreover, the vineyards and gardens are organic. Lastly, the estate features a lake and a tennis court.

Sting and Trudie’s villa in Tuscany is a beautiful and unique location for large groups or small intimate gatherings. Several months a year, Sting and his family spend several weeks at the villa. The estate is available for both vacation rentals and short-term rentals. Whether you’re planning a birthday celebration, a wine tasting, or a wedding, il Palagio has the perfect setting.

If you want to host a wedding at il Palagio, you can book one of the six cottages for your event. You can rent the cottages for as little as seven thousand euros a week, or you can opt for an entire estate. Both options come with their own swimming pools and private kitchens. Guests can also use the large chess board in the garden.

In addition to the main villa, Sting and Trudie have converted the estate into an organic farm. The estate’s beehives and olive groves supply the property with its own honey. It also produces its own bio-dynamic wines and olive oil. Guests can purchase the estate’s products from the farm’s store or through direct sales.

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