Houndoom Best Nature

Pokemon Guide – The Best Nature of Houndoom

The Houndoom is a dual-type Fire/Dark Pokemon. It is the final evolution to the Houndour. It was originally a level 20 Pokemon. However, it has evolved into a more powerful beast. Many people associate its howl with the cries a ghostly reaper. It can evolve from Houndour at level 24 and has the option to Mega Evolution.

The type of enemy Houndoom is facing will determine its nature. Foul Play and Fire Fang are the strongest attacks of the Houndoom, dealing the most damage. However, it is also weak against Ice, Rock, and Ground. This Pokemon is best against Ice, Rock, and Grass-type Pokemon. Foul Play or Fire Fang are the best moves to use if you are targeting a Gym.

The Hasty nature improves Houndoom’s Special Attack and Speed. It can be used over the Fire-type attack Crunch and can also use Dark-type STAB move Darkpulse over Fire Blast. To repeat the attack, make sure you switch to Overheat

The Houndoom CP is very important to learn, and you should memorize it for a perfect hatch! A Houndoom fights with its pack members when it gets the chance to fight. In the past, people believed that the Houndoom’s howls were the call of the grim reaper.

The Houndoom’s offensive stats are decent, but it struggles to retain its elite status. Although Houndoom can hold its own against powerful Pokemon it struggles to keep up with Azelf, a tier-one Pokemon. It’s an excellent choice for cleaning up after the game ends.

While the Houndoom has a strong defensive stat, it’s also vulnerable to bulky Water-types. Bulky Water-types are Houndoom’s biggest nightmare, and a few good options include Blastoise and Milotic. Both of these Pokemon are excellent counters against the Houndoom’s STAB moves. High-level threats include Earthquake and Flash Fire.

The base Attack stat of Houndoom is 90. It can be used as a partner in a Pokemon-game to become a useful Fire type partner. The Sinnoh region is home to very few Fire-type Pokemon, but the Houndoom can still be found there. The Houndoom is useful for both single-player games and multiplayer matches with friends.

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