Hill House Cher Dress

Hill House Cher Dress and Louisa Nap Dress by Hill House

The Cher dress by Hill House is one of their best sellers. It is a short, A-line style with a smocked waist, thin straps and a cool pattern. This is a nice transitional piece to wear for the holiday season.

The Cher is made of a mid-weight wool blend tween. The dress is a nice match with the James Pants. They are also pajama-inspired and feature a zipper, pockets and a slightly pronounced ankle flare. These are all hallmarks of the Hill House brand.

The Hill House Cher dress may be the cheapest dress you can buy, but it is not the only good thing about it. You can pair it with a bodysuit or turtleneck to create a whole new look. And, for a limited time, you can get a matching pair of cashmere gloves and hat. The hat is available in red, navy and black. Also, the hat comes with a pearl ribbon choker. So, if you have been looking for a chic way to keep warm this winter, check out the Cher dress. You might be surprised by the quality and the price.

You can also try the Louisa Nap Dress by Hill House. The Louisa is an elevated silhouette with a few hidden surprises. Among other things, it comes in a posy pink and black cotton, black crepe, black tweed, navy cotton, trailing vine multi and posy navy. It is not a dress for everyone, but it is a great piece for any occasion.

Another standout from the Hill House is the Cropped Sylvie Sweater. It is a merino wool knit with vertical seams, puff shoulder and an elastic waist. It is also the fanciest one you will find.

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