Henry Trotier

Henry Trotier

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Trotier also leads the Circus Science program, using circus education to teach STEM subjects like physics and mathematics through circus art forms such as acrobatics and spinning plates to demonstrate concepts.

Police were told by witnesses who saw the suspect and victim engage in a physical altercation before he was stabbed by the suspect, and saw him flee north on St Louis Avenue before losing sight of him near 14th Street.

Early Life and Education

Born and raised in New York City, Trottier developed an affinity for fine culture, theatre and the dynamics between different ethnic nationalities. She also found joy dancing – leading tumbling and acrobatic dance classes for children at one point!

After police arrived, they discovered a blood trail leading from 8th Street toward Trotier’s residence. A witness informed authorities that Trotier had attacked and injured one person before fleeing from the area.

Detectives later located Trotier at an area motel using another alias and arrested him without incident. A search of his room revealed multiple knives – including what is believed to be the weapon used during the assault.

Professional Career

Trotier was raised with an intense passion and curiosity about science that pervaded her family life. Both parents made sure all four children attended university – something which led to lively dinnertime discussions that encouraged Trotier to pursue her interest in this realm and beyond.

Trotier made an important leap of faith when she decided to return to school during her recovery and enroll at UMSL’s College of Education to obtain a Bachelor of Educational Studies (BES). Dance and acrobatics had been her source of comfort during cancer treatments; therefore she sought opportunities related to these forms of movement to remain connected to these activities during recovery.

Jessica Hentoff, founder of nonprofit social circus organization Circus Harmony, recognized Trotier’s passion by offering an internship that eventually turned into full-time teaching position with them. Now using acrobatics and dance to engage students in STEM subjects like physics or demonstrate light travels through them in an engaging manner – spinning plates for discussion purposes while performing acrobatics to demonstrate this principle are among many methods she employs to deliver this learning experience.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Trotier has long had an interest in scientific research and its dissemination to a wider audience, and supports the McGill Office for Science and Society’s Public Science Symposium as one way of doing just this. Henry considers science, education, fostering healthy communities and protecting the environment to be integral parts of building a better world.

He also serves as an adjunct instructor at Bay de Noc Community College, teaching his first AutoCAD class this winter and holding an Associate of Applied Science Degree for Computer Aided Design from Bay.

Madeleine Trotier has found great purpose balancing dance, school and her serious illness into Circus Harmony – a non-profit social circus which teaches perseverance and focus to its participants. The recent BES graduate works for this non-profit social circus to train its participants.

Personal Life

Trotier participated on the DeSmet Jesuit High School football team before earning a Bachelor of Science from Saint Louis University with honors. Following graduation, he enlisted with the US Navy and earned commissioning status.

Police were dispatched to the 200 Block of 8th Street around 4:15am on June 12 for an assault report, where they discovered that one individual had been stabbed in his abdomen and taken by helicopter to University of Maryland Shock Trauma hospital. Before officers could arrive on scene however, witnesses chased after an individual but eventually lost sight of him after several blocks.

An OCPD detective interviewed a witness who identified Henry Trotier, 21. This individual stated they witnessed Trotier holding a push dagger-style knife which corresponded with descriptions from other witnesses.

Net Worth

At one time or another he was the star center for both the New York Islanders and Pittsburgh Penguins, winning two Stanley Cups with each. Additionally he set numerous Islanders franchise records while becoming one of the highest-rated players in NHL history.

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