Henry the Demon

Henry the Demon

Henry is a young man who begins hearing voices that prompt him to endanger his own life by immersing himself into lethally cold water and engaging in other dangerous activities, ultimately becoming diagnosed as Schizophrenic.

Patrick and Henry present their personal first-person accounts of living with schizophrenia with remarkable candor and honesty, painting an accurate picture of its daunting world through alternating chapters.

Early Life and Education

Henry is a demon that has been possessing him since childhood. He lives in Toronto, Canada and studies demonology as well as witchcraft and magic history. Additionally, Henry studies celestial communication and has even made attempts at illegal communication with gods.

He believes his demons are trying to open a gateway into Hell, fearing this could unleash untold chaos upon them. In order to locate those responsible, he reviews police files on theft cases in his neighborhood.

Henry interweaves his delusional thoughts with real events, even his deranged songs and rhymes are grounded in reality, creating a vivid depiction of full-flooder schizophrenic psychosis that’s hard to beat in modern fiction.

Professional Career

Henry was famous for his nonchalant approach to the game; gliding effortlessly past opposing players while initiating and finishing moves before scoring with both light touch or fierce hits from short or long range. His 174 goals helped Arsenal claim two league championships and two FA Cup trophies over eight seasons.

He represented France at national team level, winning one European Championship and finishing as the runner-up at two FIFA World Cup tournaments (2002, 2003). Furthermore, he received both the Golden Ball and Golden Shoe awards as Europe’s leading association football goal scorer.

Prosecution has introduced text messages which they believe demonstrate Henry and Fredo Bang’s membership of the G-Shine branch of Bloods. Their trial, currently in its third month, continues with frequent arguments over evidence as well as frequent sidebars.

Achievement and Honors

Henry has amassed great wealth through the use of demonic forces, yet these same powers have caused him to experience personal and familial difficulties. Henry is in romantic relationships with multiple women including Henriette de Balsac d’Entragues and Charlotte des Essarts.

Henry’s demon differs greatly from Bendy in that it is both dangerous and violent. When confronted, it shrieks and screams as well as taking great pleasure in torturing people to death – such as when he killed Sammy Lawrence at one of Henry’s miracle stations and took away with it their corpse as an example of its behavior.

Henry finds a makeshift throne room made out of various objects and surrounded by screens showing clips from Bendy cartoons when they reach the Ink Demon’s lair, where two screens simultaneously show “The End”. When Henry attempts to grab him he is temporarily distracted when two screens simultaneously display “The End”.

Personal Life

Henry was an eccentric, original, and gifted artist who enjoyed living a hedonistic life with marijuana as his main substance of choice. However, after hearing voices for which antipsychotic medications weren’t an option he went on the run instead evacuating himself to different mental hospitals several times before eventually succumbing to psychotherapy and accepting anti-psychotic treatments.

Henry was initially supported by his mother Jan and brother Ben; eventually however he accepted medication to help control his hallucinatory experiences and began leading a more normal existence with medication as an art professor with loving girlfriend, also performing occasionally as part of band Henry Gray and the Creole Cats and touring alongside their music. Henry has had his artwork featured on several music albums from Natalie Merchant and Vivian Girls as well.

Net worth

Net worth can be determined by subtracting liabilities from assets. Assets include cash, retirement and investment accounts, cars, real estate and anything else they own that can be sold for money; liabilities include credit card debt, mortgage loans and student loans.

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