Henry Swan

Henry Swan

Henry Swan was an award-winning heart surgeon who pioneered the use of hypothermia during open heart surgery. He graduated cum laude from Phillips Exeter Academy and attended Williams College before practicing surgery for decades in New Zealand and Australia.

He served in World War II as a physician with the Army and led an advanced surgical unit in Europe, while also teaching at University of Colorado Medical School.

Early Life and Education

Henry Swan was born into an esteemed Denver family, and his inquisitive nature enabled him to excel at education. At Phillips Exeter Academy he graduated as part of an honors class before continuing on to Williams College where he achieved magna cum laude status four years later.

He then accepted a post with the Department of War Organisation of Industry and was instrumental in developing statistical procedures to optimize manpower deployment, while simultaneously writing key passages for the 1945 White Paper on Full Employment.

After World War II had ended he returned to Colorado where he had been offered an assistant professorship at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Within months he became chair of surgery and the inaugural full-time professor. Additionally he continued his research, publishing an insightful book on thermoregulation and bioenergetics.

Professional Career

As an active member of Williams College Gargoyle and Sigma Phi fraternities, Swan earned his Bachelor of Arts with majors in English and history – graduating with magna cum laude honors in 1935.

Following graduation, he joined Harvard Medical School’s distinguished class of 1939; one of his peers described him as “a winner among winners.” Afterwards he completed his Pathology Residency in Colorado before heading back to Boston for surgical residencies at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital and Children’s Hospital.

Returning to the University of Colorado in 1946 and becoming its inaugural full-time chair within a year later, he transformed it into one of the premier programs. Furthermore, he pioneered hypothermia – a method for slowing metabolism and blood flow to allow surgeons six minutes of operating before oxygen deprivation caused irreparable damage – for cooling patients before oxygen deprivation caused irreparable harm.

Achievement and Honors

From his mother’s side, he came from a family of physicians. As one of the pioneers in open heart surgery and hypothermia research that led to modern heart-lung machines, his expertise helped pave the way.

He was also an outstanding teacher, widely credited with revitalizing the University of Colorado Medical School Department of Surgery as its inaugural chairman, as well as creating one of the first arterial grafts.

Swan was an active member of both Sigma Phi fraternity and Gargoyle Society at Williams College and served on its yearbook editorial board. In 1931 he graduated with honors from Phillips Exeter Academy before going on to earn magna cum laude at Williams four years later – being both an excellent student and accomplished pianist in both institutions.

Personal Life

Henry was an extremely bright individual whose inquisitiveness drove him towards becoming a surgeon. Henry graduated with honors from Harvard Medical School’s class of 1939, which produced many notable professors and surgeons; one of his colleagues described Henry as being “winner among winners”.

After graduating from Williams College, he went to work for Lane School as secretary and librarian as well as creating its Useful Knowledge Library on its premises. Additionally, he joined the Colored Young Men’s Society where he helped plan some early Emancipation Day celebrations on Long Island.

He and Regina Mills later had a daughter named Lucy and continued being involved with their community by offering time and resources to those in need.

Net Worth

As part of her journalism career, she has amassed an impressive income. Furthermore, she has saved up a considerable sum and now enjoys living an opulent lifestyle.

Swans in Flight is her band and has released an indie 16-track acoustic album under their own name. They have worked alongside musicians such as Martin Barre from Jethro Tull and TM Stevens from The Pretenders.

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