Henry Steinbrenner

Henry Steinbrenner

Henry Steinbrenner wasn’t one to sit back and let life pass him by; rather he took control and built one of the greatest baseball dynasties ever seen in history.

After serving in the Air Force, Steinbrenner demonstrated his entrepreneurial prowess by opening up a thriving sports program and food service on an army base in Indiana.

Early Life and Education

Henry Steinbrenner was known for his discipline, business acumen and love of sports. Growing up on a farm near Bay Village in Ohio he attended Culver Military Academy (Indiana) before continuing onto Williams College (Massachusetts), excelling on their football and track teams while excelling academically.

After graduating college, he joined the U.S. Air Force where he demonstrated strong entrepreneurialism by starting up successful sports programs and food services on bases serving 16,000 personnel. Additionally, he spent one year coaching high school football in Columbus, Ohio.

Steinbrenner continued his horse stable business, Kinsman Stable in Ocala, Florida. Additionally, he served on various corporate boards like Minch Transit Company and Bay Farms Corporation.

Professional Career

Steinbrenner was the son of a Great Lakes shipping magnate and rose through the ranks to become one himself, building his fortune first through shipping and then by investing in professional sports – ultimately purchasing the New York Yankees in 1973 with his entrepreneurial flair.

Steinbrenner demonstrated his competitive spirit during his service in the Air Force, setting an Armed Forces record in 440-yard low hurdles and creating a flourishing sports program and food service at Lockbourne Air Force Base near Columbus, Ohio.

After purchasing the Yankees, Steinbrenner hired baseball legend Gabe Paul as general manager and began creating one of the greatest dynasties ever seen in sports. Additionally, he managed to repair relationships between Yogi Berra, Lou Piniella, Catfish Hunter and Joe DiMaggio; and paid his last respects when both passed away. Alongside managing the Yankees he also served as chairman and vice president for Minch Transit Company as well as Mid Florida Hotels Corporation respectively; additionally owning Kinsman Stable as well as working alongside Gwynn Racing to field one car on National Hot Rod Association circuit circuit.

Achievement and Honors

Steinbrenner became one of professional sports’ most controversial figures with his brash personality and poor decisions both on and off the field, which earned him two suspensions by baseball’s commissioner – but this did not deter him: after being reinstated before 1993 season began he posed for Sports Illustrated cover dressed up as Napoleon on horseback as proof that nothing can break him down!

Steinbrenner provided support and mentorship to young athletes such as Stanley Albright, who became an All-Big Ten Champion and now works with the Yankees; in turn he also made numerous donations to MIT.

The Yankees are honoring General Partner and Co-Chairperson Henry Steinbrenner, who passed away early Tuesday due to longstanding health concerns at his Clearwater, Florida residence at age 63. The tributes for Steinbrenner range from tributes at games such as today’s Opening Night game in Boston up through tributes that can only come from within his organization and family members paying their respects.

Personal Life

George Steinbrenner was raised in an environment steeped in business. His grandfather founded a Great Lakes shipping company while his father established himself as an industry titan in transportation.

Steinbrenner took after his family by instilling work ethic and success into himself and becoming an intense competitor who strived for improvement throughout his life. He always aspired to achieve and be the best.

He had an astute business sense and was always searching for ways to increase revenue. To do so, he ordered a private line in his office so he could conduct business through unconventional channels without anyone knowing about it – this clandestine operation became one of the cornerstones of his success as Yankee owner.

Net Worth

He was worth billions and was the richest owner in sports, yet his brash persona was balanced out by an admirable record of charity that rarely made headlines.

He gave generously to numerous charitable causes, including supporting the children of police officers who died while on duty in Tampa and New York City. Additionally, he founded the Silver Shield Foundation that offered college scholarships for poor children.

Steinbrenner donated money to numerous politicians, such as Hillary Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, and John McCain – and helped pay for the recount in Florida in 2000.

Hank Steinbrenner died peacefully at his Clearwater, Florida home on April 14th 2020 at age 63 surrounded by family. The Yankees respectfully request your privacy during this difficult time; their family will make no further comments regarding his health or status as co-owner of the New York Yankees.

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