Henry Silva

Henry Silva – Actor, Director, Producer and Writer

Last year, Henry Steiger from Pensacola was found guilty of killing and hiding Cassandra Robinson after strangulating her with his bare hands on the day she vanished – telling police that Cassandra left after attending her daughter’s birthday party because she needed some time off.

Early Life and Education

Henry Aaron Steiger was born July 27, 1930 on the family farm in Delavan, Illinois and attended Delavan Curtis Grade School and Delavan High School before matriculating with Purdue University and graduating as valedictorian. Additionally he served on several Boards such as Logan FS Inc and Ag-Land FS Inc, in addition to Lincoln County Farm Bureau Board of Directors.

Over three decades, he developed an iconic graphic fabric patterning vocabulary for Southern Arizona style that became part of its fabric vocabulary. His motifs ranged from botanical and desert patterns to basket weave designs and abstract representation inspired by Mesoamerican cultures. Additionally, he is an accomplished painter; having shown his paintings all across America. As an avid Ohio State football fan with a passion for jelly donuts and porter beer he remains active today.

Professional Career

Henry Steiger served for years as managing editor at the Wall Street Journal, where he gained vast business litigation experience ranging from corporate control and proxy contests, mergers & acquisition transactions, securities fraud allegations, commercial contracts, real estate development & leasing issues as well as ERISA fiduciary duties & insurance coverage issues to trademark infringement lawsuits and False Claims Act cases.

In 2018, Steiger told her friend she intended to leave him, however a short while later she died due to asphyxiation at home, according to police.

He has had an impressive movie career, playing roles ranging from corrupt promoters to Al Capone himself in Al Capone and winning several awards for his performances. Through The Janet D. Steiger Fellowship Project, law students can gain valuable experience working in consumer protection departments of state and territorial offices of attorneys general.

Achievement and Honors

In 1951 he began studying acting at the Dramatic Workshop of the School of Social Research in New York City, joining Marlon Brando and Walter Matthau as classmates. Steiger was also an accomplished artist, having designed candy boxes and wallpaper.

He has earned numerous honors and awards, such as a Guggenheim Fellowship and Rome Prize. His music has been performed by ensembles including New York New Music Ensemble, California EAR Unit and Lontano.

In 2004, the American Bar Association Antitrust Section launched the Janet D. Steiger Fellowship Project in honor of Janet Steiger, former Commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission who pioneered improvements in cooperation and communication among state consumer protection and antitrust enforcement agencies. Through these fellowships, law students gain exceptional experience working at state or territorial attorneys general offices.

Personal Life

Steiger hails from La Crosse, Wisconsin. He attended the University of Minnesota on an athletic scholarship and later studied art in Rochester and at Massachusetts’s UMass campus.

Steiger is currently serving life imprisonment for the murder of Cassandra Robinson, a Pensacola woman last seen Feb. 1 attending her child’s first birthday party. He was found guilty in June 2019 after his previous defense attorney Paul Hamlin allowed prosecutors to make improper collateral crime references during trial proceedings.

Rodney Stephen Steiger was one of the most acclaimed and versatile actors of postwar Hollywood, earning praise for such incendiary roles as Marlon Brando’s gangster brother in On the Waterfront and Sidney Poitier’s Mississippi police chief in In the Heat of the Night. Additionally he appeared as an embittered Jewish Holocaust survivor in The Pawnbroker; Benito Mussolini in Libya-funded Lion of the Desert; and starred as an international hostage rescuer in 1978’s F.I.S.T.

Net Worth

Henry Silva has an estimated net worth of around $1 Million. He is renowned as an actor, director, producer, writer, and awards recipient since 1947 when his entertainment industry career started off with theatre productions.

Steiger was featured in numerous critically-acclaimed movies during the 1960s, such as The Pawnbroker and Doctor Zhivago. Additionally, he appeared as a Jewish Holocaust survivor in The Bravados and an ambitious Russian politician in Across the Bridge.

Authorities report that when they searched Steiger’s home on Clubhouse Terrace in Perdido Key, they discovered stacks of cash stored in tubs and containers at his Clubhouse Terrace address – prompting an FBI search based on concerns that Steiger might be hiding money illegally under his federal probation agreement. Although no charges have been brought against Steiger in regards to Robinson’s disappearance.

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