Henry Siding

The Story of Henry Siding & Restoration

Siding provides protection from the elements while simultaneously sending a visual message about its owner’s home and family.

Henry offers an extensive range of weatherization products – ranging from building wraps and underlayments to window and door flashing systems – for window and door flashing projects of all kinds. Their team of experts are always on hand to assist in selecting the ideal solution.

Early Life and Education

Henry’s Siding & Restoration’s history is one of hard work and perseverance, beginning as the dream of one hard-working country girl and continuing today through three generations of family members providing expert fire damage restoration, exterior services and disaster recovery in Texarkana. Our Henry Blueskin Underlayment protects homes or buildings against moisture leakage by being an airtight yet breathable barrier which can be installed over most substrates including concrete and masonry structures.

Professional Career

Siding can be one of the greatest investments a homeowner can make for their home. Not only does it add significant resale value, but its low maintenance needs make it one of the best energy efficient ways to increase energy efficiency and add curb appeal.

Henry Building Envelope Systems are the market-leader in controlling water, air, vapor and energy flow within buildings’ envelopes. Their comprehensive product lineup covers below grade, walls and roofs.

Vickie Lane Henry started her business in 1979, and since then it has expanded significantly into a thriving enterprise that offers services including vinyl siding, seamless gutters, custom replacement windows, carport/patio covers and fire/storm damage restoration. Now three generations strong, it employs over 200 staff.

Personal Life

Henry siding is a family-owned business started by one hardworking country girl. Now serving small towns and rural customers throughout the Midwest with windows, roofing, composite decking and siding services as well as door services and clean gutters, they strive to meet customers’ needs in all ways possible.

Henry was so passionate about Motocross racing that he would work tirelessly for weeks to save enough money for Florida winter series competitions. Sleeping in his van, he consumed rice, canned food and peanut butter sandwiches on bread while saving for each race in Florida’s winter series.

Honda gave him an initial one-year contract which dissatisfied him; however, he saw it as an opportunity to work harder and earn another renewal contract – and did just that by winning two 125 Pro Motocross Championships as well as the 125 Eastern Region Supercross Title and two Pro Motocross titles in 2019.

Net Worth

The Henry family has been providing exterior home improvement services, such as siding and gutter installation for three generations in Kansas City and its surrounding areas since 1905. Their wide range of exterior home improvement services is sure to give any property in Kansas City or nearby a facelift while also helping reduce energy costs; their insulated siding also reduces heating and cooling expenses significantly.

Henry Company’s Jumbo Tex is an asphalt-saturated building paper designed to meet IRC criteria as an air and weather resistive barrier behind brick, wood, fiber cement or vinyl siding. This two times more water-repellent than type 1 felt offers two times greater water protection backed by an industry-leading 15 year warranty covering materials and labor; plus being eco-friendly as it can be recycled if desired and comes in various colors that make cutting easy!

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