Henry Schlegel

Henry Schlegel, 86, of Kennebunkport, Maine, passed away on December 1, 2012

He spent his summers at Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport, Maine and also enjoyed traveling with family and friends.

Schlegel recovers an aspect of Legal Realism which had become lost; exploring individual Realist scholars’ efforts to bring modern notions of empirical research into legal study and teaching, explaining why such efforts ultimately did not become part of standard American law school curricula.

Early Life and Education

Henry Schlegel of Goose Rocks Beach Kennebunkport Maine died December 1, 2012. A graduate of Lebanon High School and World War II Marine Corps veteran, he leaves behind his wife Rita as well as children Tom Reagan and Christine Johnson as well as their families and grandchildren.

Schlegel’s Berlin lectures (Vorlesungen uber Schone Kunst und Literatur) represent an early attempt at explaining Romantic art theories in accessible terms for lay audiences. Contrary to classicist belief that art simply imitates nature, Schlegel contends that it should also serve as a creative force. He elaborates this point when discussing ancient and modern poetry: ancient poetry was plastic, sensual and harmonic while contemporary poetry often displays longing or Sehnsucht that lingers between idealized past and uncertain future.

Professional Career

Henry Schlegel’s book recovers an often neglected aspect of American Legal Realism–a movement begun during the 1920s and 1930s to introduce modern methods of empirical legal study into law study and teaching–by exploring individual Realist scholars’ efforts to challenge the received notion that law was all about rules to learn and manipulation thereof.

Schlegel was also an assistant football coach at Bethune-Cookman University, where he scouted opponents on behalf of his team and handled some duties that graduate assistants usually perform. Schlegel noted that his focus when scouting differed depending on which team was being faced off against but usually sought to identify and take away its best players.

He leaves behind his wife Rita; their children Victoria Schlegel of New York City and Andrew Schlegel from Chino Hills; brothers Joseph and John Schlegel from Lebanon as well as sisters Ann Reilly, Cecilia/Sis Gristick Marion Bonenberger Bonenberger Bonenberger Bonenberger Bonenberger Bonenberger Bonenberger Bonenberger Darlak Elaine Darlak in Palmyra Wernersville and eight grandchildren.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Schlegel was an avid reader and loved spending time with his family. In particular, he found great solace at Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport, Maine during summers and later served as president of the Goose Rocks Association. Henry leaves behind Rita Schlegel as well as Marian, Christine, TomHenry Reagan and six grandchildren all living in Maine.

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Personal Life

Henry was survived by Rita and their four daughters: Victoria Schlegel of New York City, Karen Schlegel of Philadelphia, Marian and her husband Christopher Reagan from Kennebunkport; Christine Johnson (and Richard Johnson as her spouse); Rita Towne with husband Stacy Towne from Kennebunkport and eight grandchildren.

Schlegel proposed an organic view of world literature and created an alternative to Classicist and Neoclassicist aesthetic theories which placed emphasis on mimesis and representation. He was especially critical of art emulating nature, advocating instead a new interpretation of “naturalness” based on poetical unity, originality, and wholeness; his ideas later inspired authors such as F.W.J. Schelling and G.W. Hegel as well as giving rise to German Romanticism Movement.

Net Worth

Forbes estimates his net worth as $1.3 billion. A former statistics professor, Beckett founded baseball card publisher Beckett Publications before purchasing an existing home on Preston Road last year and owning stake in real estate firm Trammell Crow.

He was an ardent Catholic who enjoyed fishing, card playing, and taking drives with friends. Lucy often traveled with him on vacations to Maine where he belonged to the Goose Rocks Beach Association.

He is preoccupied with himself, seeking wealth and status for himself alone, often making mistakes which have disastrous repercussions for people like Jacky and Leonard Bast but never showing true remorse for these mistakes. Furthermore, he often looks down upon women. Joseph and John Schlegel of Lebanon PA; Ann Reilly from Reading; Cecilia/Sis Gristick from Lebanon PA; Dorothy/Dot Burch from Myerstown; Agnes Fancovic of Palmyra PA and Elizabeth Darlak from Stanton CA are his siblings; among his siblings are brothers Joseph and John Schlegel (both brothers), Ann Reilly from Reading as well as various sisters Ann Reilly from Reading to Lebanon PA as well as Elizabeth Darlak who lives Stanton CA.

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